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Marine Corps Vet Asks Legitimate Question At Clinton Rally, Check Out SICK Reaction

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On Friday, a Hillary Clinton rally was held in Blufton, South Carolina, and a man in attendance stood up and identified himself as a Marine Corps veteran. He had an absolutely legitimate question for Bill Clinton, and you should see the incredibly sick reaction to it.

It’s no secret that progressive Democrats hate hearing the truth, and they hate those that speak it even more, even if they did proudly serve our nation for eight years. But the Marine at the Hillary rally found this out the hard way after he asked a question about Clinton’s handling of Benghazi.

Check out video of the incident:

“I did eight years of active duty service, two tours of Iraq,” the Marine said, wondering why Hillary “lied over the coffins” of the four men killed in Libya. “We had four lives in Benghazi who were killed and your wife tried to cover it up.”

Apparently the liberal loons in the crowd don’t even take the words of a proud veteran seriously, and as soon as he finished his statement, they erupted in boos. But that wasn’t the worst part either.

To Bill Clinton’s credit, he did thank the Marine for his service, and attempted to answer the veteran, but the crowd wasn’t having any of it… at all. The wild crowd was shouting things like “sit down!” and “throw them out!” which drowned out the former president.

A woman with the Marine attempted to shout back, “Hillary lied over four coffins!” but security soon arrived and removed both the Marin and the woman who was with him. Isn’t that nice?

So much for respect.

To the contrary, when veterans are seen at rallies for Donald Trump, the billionaire often brings them on stage as the crowd cheers wildly in support, and it’s not just trump rallies it happens at either. Pretty much anytime a veteran is seen at a GOP campaign event they’re greeted with high praises.

The incident at Hillary’s rally just goes to show you how different the two electorates are; at GOP rallies, veterans are greeted with praise, while at Democrat rallies, they’re treated like garbage and booed by the very people they fought to protect. Talk about an incredibly sad indictment of modern leftists’ beliefs. Unreal.

[H/T: BizPac Review]



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