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Deaf Actress Has BLISTERING Reply After Liberal Media Accuses Trump Of Calling Her ‘RETARDED’

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This election season has shown us the depths the left will sink to in order to win an election, and the latest smear against Donald Trump is evidence of it.

Yesterday, as Hillary Clinton was being bombarded with nukes from the Wikileaks dump, the leftist media circled the wagons and started running a story about Trump calling deaf actress Marlee Matlan “retarded” to her face when she appeared on “Celebrity Apprentice.” The Daily Beast first broke the story, then in lock-step other leftist outlets ran with it like it was gospel.

Check it out:

Just in case you thought Donald Trump was insufficiently awful: He repeatedly called a deaf actress “retarded,” three sources tell The Daily Beast.

Trump, who was accused on Wednesday of making sexual comments to Marlee Matlin, an Oscar-winning actress who once competed on Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, also apparently had a habit of insulting, mimicking, and demeaning as mentally handicapped his star female contestant—all because she was deaf.

Sometimes the insults would be behind her back; other times they would be right in front of her.

In that season of the show, Matlin came in second and, as the Beast acknowledged, “earned her fair share of compliments” from Trump.

Now today, leftist rag and conspiracy theorist website Raw Story published a gem titled “Actress Marlee Matlin obliterates Donald Trump for calling deaf people like her ‘retarded,’” and it’s absolutely nothing like the title suggests.

Matlin’s “obliteration” is basically debunking the claims made against Trump while pointing out the petty nature of the baseless attacks being lodged against him by the terrified and desperate left, who will stop at absolutely nothing to get Hillary elected into office.

Here’s Matllin’s “obliteration”:

Her statement reads:

“Recent media reports have circulated that Donald Trump allegedly referred to me as ‘retarded.’ The term is abhorrent and should never be used. The fact that we are talking about this during a very important moment in U.S. history has upset me deeply.

I am Deaf. There are millions of Deaf and hard of hearing people like me, in the United States and around the world who face discrimination and misunderstanding like this on a daily basis. It is unacceptable.

So what’s my response? It’s not about insults or taking each other down. As a person who is Deaf, as a woman, as a mom, as a wife, as an actor, I have a voice. And I’m using that voice to make myself heard…and vote.”

Some “obliteration, huh? If anything, she was calling out the leftist media for running smear after smear about Trump instead of talking about actual issues that matter, like national security, Hillary’s desire for open borders, a 550 percent increase in “refugees,” terrorism, etc., etc., etc., not “obliterating” Trump for his remarks.

In fact, she didn’t even mention his remarks or suggest she knew anything about them prior to Oct. 14, 2016 even though he allegedly said them to her face…yes, to her face.

This is seriously just another attempt from the left to discredit Trump and deflect away from the fact that Hillary Clinton should be sitting in a courtroom facing a judge, not at her home in New York working to get elected. If there was any question as to whether or not true journalism is dead, stories like this should answer it for you.

Anyone can jump on an unsubstantiated rumor and promote it to push an agenda. It takes integrity, honesty, and conviction to report the truth, even if it’s uncomfortable truth that you may not want to hear.

Unfortunately, the presstitutes in the media possess neither honesty nor integrity, and their only conviction is to ensure that Hillary gets into the White House, facts, reason, logic, and truth be damned.

[H/T: Downtrend]



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