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BREAKING: Massive Muslim Link To Baton Rouge Cop Slaughter Uncovered

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Ever since cops were ambushed and killed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Sunday, people have been wondering what motivated him, and videos posted to his YouTube account just might give them the answers they’ve been seeking.

The shooter has since been identified as Gavin Long, and his YouTube account had some rather chilling videos posted to it, investigators discovered. According to a report from the Daily Caller, one of Long’s videos revealed that he was a member of Louis Farrakhan’s anti-white, anti-Semitic Nation of Islam movement, and he also disparaged whites as “crackers” along with numerous other racial slurs.

Long also stated in a video that if he had been there when Alton Sterling was shot by police, he would have killed police officers to defend the suspect.

“If I would have been there with Alton — clap,” he said in the now-deleted video.

The 29-year-old also discussed a book he wrote about black liberation theology.

“I wrote it for my dark-skinned brothers,” he said.

“If you look at all the rebels like Black Panthers, Huey P. Newton, Malcolm X…Elijah Muhammad, they was light-skinned. But we know how hard y’all got it,” he added.

Phone numbers that appeared in the video seem to suggest that he was in Baton Rouge when he recorded it, although none were in service when media outlets tried to reach them for comment. In the same video, Long said that he’s not into protesting – he likes to “educate” people – because protesting is “for the women.”

Long also wasn’t a fan of “working for white people,” and he encouraged other blacks to only shop at black-owned businesses. He discussed a hypothetical scenario in which a family member wanted to buy some carpet, but couldn’t find a business owned by someone who’s black.

“Who’s she going to f-ck with? The cracker, the Arab, the Chinese,” Long says in the video. “These Arabs, these Indians, they don’t give two fu-ks about us.”

Long discussed his past membership with the Nation of Islam, but said that he didn’t want the group to be blamed for his actions.

“If anything happens with me, because I’m an alpha male, I stand up, I stand firm, I stand for mine, until the end,” he said. “Yeah, I also was a Nation of Islam member. Don’t affiliate me with it. Don’t affiliate me with anything.”

While he may not have been a current member of the group, Long really wasn’t doing anything uncharacteristic of the Nation of Islam. In fact, in July of last year, its leader, Farrakhan, pretty much described what Long did on Sunday.

“The Quran teaches persecution is worse than slaughter. Then it says, retaliation is prescribed in matters of the slain. Retaliation is a prescription from God to calm the breaths of those whose children have been slain,” he told a Miami crowd.

“So if the federal government will not intercede in our affairs, then we must rise up and kill those who kill us. Stalk them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling,” he added.

In a speech yesterday, Obama said that Long’s motive wasn’t known, but the shooter’s videos prove otherwise. He was doing exactly what Farrakhan told him to do last year, and he did so because his heart was full of hatred and rage.

Thankfully, Obama didn’t mention guns in yesterday’s speech, but if past incidents are any indication of what’s to come, it won’t be long before he does. But perhaps instead of attacking our Second Amendment rights, he would be wiser to condemn the toxic, anti-white, anti-law enforcement ideology that’s been sweeping our nation – the very ideology that’s responsible for the cold-blooded murder of eight police officers in just a week’s time.



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