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BREAKING: Massive Terror Attack At Major Shopping Mall Leaves Multiple Dead, Here’s What’s Known

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On the heels of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s speech about taking a hardline stance against radical Islam and better screening refugees from terrorist nations, reports are surfacing about a possible terror attack at a major shopping mall in Germany.

Russia Today is reporting that multiple deaths have occurred at the Olympia shopping mall in Munich, where a gunman walked into a café and opened fire on the crowd. Police confirmed that shots were fired at the mall, but have not been able to give any details about casualties.

Some reports are saying that up to 15 people have been killed with numerous others injured. German media reports that the gunman is still on the run, although those reports have not been confirmed by any other media outlets.

A person periscoping from the scene said that a man walked into the shopping mall and randomly opened fire on the crowd, which is similar to other terror attacks targeting random people that have occurred recently. The shooter then left the mall and headed toward a railway station, although it’s unknown if he was able to shoot anybody else after leaving.

Police are evacuating the mall, and have launched a massive manhunt to try to capture the shooter. There’s reportedly a massive police presence in the area, and they’re telling people to stay away.

Just last night, Donald Trump once again called for halting the flow of refugees from nations that are known to produce terrorists, and incidents like this are the reason why. Germany has been importing third-world savages for some time now, and as a result, they’ve been seeing third-world savagery on their streets, as has France, which has suffered absolutely devastating attacks in recent months.

To continue to allow these people to come into our nation is an act of sheer stupidity.



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