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WOW: Matt Damon SHOT DOWN By Fellow Hollywood Elite Over Gun Control: ‘You Can’t Sit There…’

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If you know the name Matt Damon then you know that he’s an ardent opponent of our Second Amendment rights, despite the fact that he uses firearms in most every movie he makes millions off of. Well, his hypocrisy was just called out in a major way by a fellow Hollywood star.

The gossip website TMZ caught up with Ralph Lauren model Tyson Beckford and asked him about Damon’s opposition to gun rights, and not only did Beckford come out of the closet as a Second Amendment supporter, but he destroyed Damon’s hypocrisy on the issue. Beckford noted that Damon made about “$25 million” on his latest Jason Bourne film, then went into a bit of a rant about Damon’s use of guns while railing against gun rights.

“Hey, if you can get it, get it.” Then he paused and added, “But I thought he was anti-gun?”

Beckford noted that in the ads for the Bourne movie, he sees Damon with a “big gun” in his hand, which in turn makes him some big money. The TMZ reporter did point out that people made a “stink about [Damon] holding a gun in the Jason Bourne advertisement,” but Beckford wasn’t having any of it.

“Yes, because he claims he’s not 2A friendly. You can’t sit there and denounce the gun when the gun is making you money…”

Beckford then let the world know where he stands on the issue.

“Me personally, I don’t play that,” he said. “I’m 2A all day, but I guess it’s Hollywood.”

In case you didn’t know, Damon has on numerous occasions called for stricter gun control in America, even going as far as advocating for an all-out ban. The latest example was at his film’s premier in Australia, where he lamented that our government hasn’t yet passed a ban similar to what Australia had done years ago.

But while Damon is purely a hypocrite, at least Beckford seems to have a level head on his shoulders – a rarity in Hollywood, indeed. It’s just too bad there weren’t more like him out there.



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