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UNREAL: LOOK What McCain Told Upchuck Schumer RIGHT Before Healthcare Vote

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Sen. John McCain sold out conservatives on Thursday when he torpedoed the repeal of Obamacare, and while his fellow Republicans were shocked, his Democrat comrades were given a heads up.

The Conservative Tribune is reporting that McCain actually told several high-ranking members of the Democrat Party that there was going to be a “show” on the Senate floor once the “skinny repeal” measure came up for a vote. However, no such warning was given to anyone in the GOP, making one question where McCain’s true loyalties lie.

From the Tribune:

“Almost” being the key word, as it appears that a few top Democrats received advanced notice from McCain about how he intended to vote, at least according to the detailed play-by-play account of the late night event on the Senate floor by The Washington Post reporter Ed O’Keefe.

McCain had signaled earlier Thursday that he was leaning against repeal, but talks with fellow GOP senators and Vice President Mike Pence — brought in for an expected tie breaker vote — seemed to reassure everyone that he would ultimately be on board with the motion.

However, McCain refused to say one way or another how he planned to vote, telling reporters only to “Wait for the show,” and proceeded on to the Senate floor ahead of the vote

It was then that the long-serving senator was spotted speaking with Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a conversation that left the Democrat leader smiling. Schumer later stated, “I knew it when he walked on the floor,” and revealed that McCain had called him earlier to let him know his plan.

McCain was also spotted talking with a group of Democrat senators that included Dianne Feinstein — from whom he received a warm hug — Dick Durbin and Elizabeth Warren, among others, and was seen giving anti-repeal Murkowski a wink and “thumbs down” gesture as she walked past him at one point.

Keep in mind, this was after he campaigned on repeal. After he promised repeal, and after claiming for years he wanted to repeal the terrible law.

Instead, he gave us all the shaft.

Thanks, John. A real “hero” you turned out to be.



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