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WHAT?! H.R. McMaster Makes SHOCKING Claim About Susan Rice, Who’s Side Is He ON?!

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National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster was brought in to replace Mike Flynn after he was pushed out of the administration by the bogus Russia story, and now it appears as if he’s turning against the President.

It was reported that McMaster has been slowly purging the Trump administration of Trump loyalists, with the latest being Rich Higgins, who penned a letter detailing the threats President Trump faces from within. According to the Washington Free Beacon, McMaster is now going on the “warpath” to completely rid the administration of anyone that shares the President’s “America First” nationalist views.

An ongoing staffing purge being conducted by White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster has thrown the West Wing into chaos, according to more than half a dozen Trump administration insiders who told the Washington Free Beacon that McMaster has been targeting long-time Trump loyalists who were clashing with career government staffers and holdovers from the Obama administration.

The purge is part of a larger drama unfolding inside the administration, between veteran Trump staffers committed to the president’s campaign vision of “draining the swamp”‘ in Washington and entrenched bureaucracies seeking to maintain control over policy decision-making, according to these sources, who said that many of these actions against his supporters are being conducted without Trump’s knowledge.

That’s not good. Many suspected McMaster to be a globalist, but this makes it seems as if he’s anti-Trump.

Now, it’s being reported that McMaster is taking Susan Rice’s side when it comes to the unmasking of Trump campaign officials. According to Breitbart News, McMaster doesn’t believe she did anything wrong when spying on the Trump campaign, which is greatly at odds with how the President feels about the entire ordeal.

Two United States intelligence officials told Bloomberg’s Eli Lake that McMaster has concluded that Rice did nothing wrong.

That assertion is at odds with Trump’s thinking, as he repeatedly raised the Rice story during speeches and media interviews.

“I think the Susan Rice thing is a massive story,” Trump said in an interview with the New York Times, suggesting that it was possible that she may have committed a crime.

On April 12, Trump used the story to defend his accusations that the Obama administration was spying and leaking on his transition team in an interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo.

“When you look at Susan Rice and what’s going on and so many people are coming up to me and apologizing now,” Trump said. “They say, ‘You know, you were right when you said that.’”

When Bartiromo told Trump that Rice denied doing anything political, he dismissed it.

Again, this isn’t good. The President already has enough “resistance” from outside of his administration, he definitely doesn’t need it coming from within.

With any kind of luck, reports that McMaster is going to be relocated to Afghanistan to oversee the war are correct. The less traitors we have here in America, the better.



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