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JUST IN: As Media Used Charlottesville For Distraction, LOOK What Happened To Hillary

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Now that Democrats no longer control the government (thank GOD), we’re learning the truth about what happened while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, and it doesn’t look good for her.

Just last week, we reported that a federal judge ordered the State Department to do a thorough review of their own email servers to find any related to Benghazi that Hillary may have deleted from her illegal private server. However, over the weekend, the news was drown out (read: intentionally covered-up) by the media’s tireless coverage of the protests in Charlottesville, and in their quest to pin the entire ordeal on President Trump, they also failed to report that the FBI is now widening their probe into Hillary’s emails, again.

According to the Washington Times, more classified documents have been unearthed and the Trump administration says it has no idea how long it’s going to take for it to track down all of her deleted correspondence.

From the Times:

The Hillary Clinton email fiasco isn’t ending anytime soon, with State Department officials saying they have no idea when they will finish sorting though and releasing the previously hidden messages.

More classified documents that the former secretary of state improperly handled keep coming to light.

The Trump administration doesn’t even know if it has hunted down every trace of the emails that Mrs. Clinton — a former first lady, U.S. senator, top diplomat and Democratic presidential nominee — sent from a secret email server stashed in her home.

“At this time, we do not have an estimate for completion of processing all of these documents,” a State Department official told The Washington Times.

In February 2016, the State Department completed a review of the roughly 30,000 emails that Mrs. Clinton turned over in December 2014, nearly two years after she left office.

The FBI last summer gave the State Department tens of thousands of additional emails from its investigation, which the department continues to process pursuant to court orders.

This June, the FBI provided approximately 7,000 additional documents recovered from the laptop computer shared by top Clinton aide Huma Abedin and her husband, Anthony Weiner, whose habitual sexting cost him a seat in Congress, the mayoral election in New York and ultimately his marriage to Ms. Abedin.

“We have not yet determined how many of these documents are State Department records as opposed to personal emails, nor have we determined how many documents are duplicative of material already in our possession,” said the official.

Unless you’re an avid researcher or lucky enough to see this story in your news feed, you likely had no clue this ever happened, thanks to a media intent on painting the President as a white supremacist  (how ridiculous is that?). But with any kind of luck, the FBI will actually do its job and file the appropriate charges against Hillary and her minions.



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