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Media ERUPTS After What They Found RIGHT Outside ‘Transparent’ Hillary’s High-Dollar Fundraiser

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On Thursday, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made a stop in Colorado to rub elbows with the state’s political elite while trying to raise money at a top-dollar event, and the media was none too happy about what they discovered right outside.

While the Hildebeast travels the nation claiming she’s the most “transparent” candidate to ever grace the national stage, the exact opposite appears to be true, for if she were indeed transparent, she wouldn’t have a noise machine outside her event to ensure it couldn’t be recorded from afar. Shady, right?

The Daily Caller is reporting that Stan Bush, a reporter for Denver’s CBS-4, was outside of the event at the home of Colorado Governor Hickenlooper’s home, and just as Hitlary was about to speak, a machine started generating a low-frequency noise to mask what she was saying.

Here’s more from the Caller:

Bush said that the noise interference machine was turned on after a band — later identified as Big Head Todd and the Monsters — finished playing music and before Clinton spoke. The device was placed inside of a fence on the property and aimed in the direction of the press, Bush wrote.

He posted video showing what it sounded like outside of the event before and after the machine was turned on. The device produced a low-intensity throbbing noise, much like a helicopter off in the distance.

Below are the videos taken by Bush:

The next one is of the music that started playing after Hillary was finished speaking:

As the Caller noted, Clinton is notorious for using noise at her events to block people from recording what’s going on. Reporters have often noted that while she’s making her way through the crowds, the music is played at extremely high volumes so that those covering the event can’t record her conversations.

An example of this is when Clinton scolded a Green Peace activist who confronted her over her campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry. Video of the incident is below:

Notice how it’s barely audible? That’s intentional from Mrs. “Transparency.”

Clinton was in Denver for one purpose only – to raise as much cash as possible. The Denver Post is reporting that the top donor level at the event, hosted by Hickenlooper, a Democrat super-delegate, was $27,000 – more than most middle class Americans earn in a year.

So much for a “woman of the people.”



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