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Media SILENT On What One Of Obama’s ‘Non-Violent’ Drug Offenders Did After Being Freed

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For some time now, we’ve been hearing from Barack Obama and his administration that the prisoners being let go as a part of the mass release for “non-violent” crimes pose no threat to society, and that they were imprisoned under unfair guidelines. Unfortunately, that’s simply not the case, and the media’s been all but silent about the utterly disturbing incident that occurred after a convicted crack dealer was freed.

Judicial Watch has the story of 35-year-old Wendell Callahan, who went on a killing spree after being released from federal prison due to a retroactively reduced sentence, thanks to an Obama initiative to end racial disparities in mandatory sentencing. Callahan murdered a woman and her two children in Columbus, Ohio, and a grand jury ended up returning a 10-coun, death [penalty indictment against him for the grisly killings.

A statement from franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said that Callahan murdered the woman by stabbing her to death, then set his sights on her two children, aged 7 and 10, to eliminate them as witnesses to the horrific crime. The disturbing crime scene was found by the woman’s boyfriend, who ended up fleeing the home and calling police after a brief scuffle with the suspect.

Callahan is in jail on a $3 million bond, and faces charges of aggravated murder with prior calculation and design and aggravated murder of victims under the age of 13. If convicted, he faces the death penalty.

“There are multiple charges regarding the three victim deaths because there are different methods to commit the crime of murder and the Prosecutor’s Office typically charges all methods”, O’Brien stated.

Judicial Watch has more on how this violent thug made it back onto the streets to commit this heinous crime:

Callahan should have been in jail when the crimes occurred, but he was released four years early because federal sentencing guidelines for crack dealers got reduced. The change is part of President Obama’s effort to reform the nation’s justice system as a way of ending racial discrimination. The initiative was technically launched back in 2010 when the president signed a measure that for the first time in decades relaxed drug-crime sentences he claimed discriminated against poor and minority offenders. This severely weakened a decades-old law enacted during the infamous crack cocaine epidemic that ravaged urban communities nationwide in the 1980s. As part of the movement the U.S. Sentencing Commission lowered maximum sentences for drug offenders and made it retroactive, leading to the early release of thousands of violent thugs like Callahan.

In November the administration began releasing 6,000 drug convicts coined “non-violent” offenders whose sentences were too long under the old guidelines. News reports quickly surfaced contradicting the administration’s assessment that the newly released convicts were not violent. Among them was the leader of a multi-million dollar operation that smuggled drugs from Canada to Maine. Prosecutors refer to the 29-year-old con as a “drug kingpin” who was one of “America’s Most Wanted.” Shortly before the administration’s mass release of drug convicts, federal prosecutors warned that drug trafficking is inherently violent and therefore the phrase “non-violent drug offenders” is a misnomer. The nation’s prosecutors also cautioned that reducing prison sentences for drug offenders will weaken their ability to bring dangerous drug traffickers to justice.

Awesome. Thanks to Obama, a young mother and her two children were ruthlessly murdered by a man who should have still been behind bars. What’s sad is that political correctness has yet again been put above the safety of the American people and our communities, all so that Obama can say he did “something” to end the perceived “racism” in the justice system.

Here’s a thought; rather than turn loose convicted criminals and call it fairness, why doesn’t he focus on getting people to not commit cr5imes to begin with? It seems like that would be a much better strategy to combat whatever inequalities, perceived or otherwise, that are lingering in the current system of justice.

After all, if you never commit a crime to begin with, then you don’t ever have to worry about getting an unfair sentence. Right?



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