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Megyn Kelly ENCOURAGES Trump Supporters To Riot, Then Look What Happened

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The leftist media has been in a frenzy after Donald Trump said he believed there would be widespread outrage if the GOP shafts him out of getting the nomination for president, since apparently, even mentioning the word “riot” is now inciting people to riot, or something. But Fox News host Megyn Kelly actually did encourage people to riot, and what happened after is golden.

Kelly took to her Twitter account to post a quote from Ben Domenech that actually told people to go to Cleveland and riot, even though none of Trump’s supporters have actually shown any interest in rioting, ever. But rather than let Trump’s observation go, Kelly took the unprofessional route and taunted his followers on Twitter.

Check it out:

Isn’t that lovely? Meanwhile, Trump merely speaks the “r-word” and the media erupts.

Anyways, why would she do such a thing? It’s not entirely known, but if one were to speculate, it would have to do with the ongoing, and very public, feud the two have been engaged in. Apparently, she’s forgetting who watches Fox News, and she’s intent on disparaging the millions of people supporting Trump right now, which may very well be at her own peril.

Reactions to her tweet were swift and undoubtedly severe:

You get the idea. People weren’t happy about it, and they really shouldn’t be.

The entire narrative that Trump’s supporters are inherently violent is a fantasy contrived by the leftist media in an attempt to smear Trump and ruin his chances at the presidency. As such, to see someone like Kelly, who for a long time was an esteemed conservative reporter, perpetuate such a myth is beyond disgusting, and will undoubtedly cost her some viewers.

[H/T: Wayne Dupree]



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