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Megyn Kelly WHINES O’Reilly Should’ve ‘Defended’ Her Against Trump, Then Donald Reacts

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The feud between Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and GOP front-runner Donald Trump has been epic, and Trump hasn’t held back on his criticisms of the news anchor. When Kelly recently said that she thought her co-worker Bill O’Reilly should have defended her against Trump, The Donald reacted in the only way he knows how.

Speaking to More Magazine, the host of the Kelly File weighed in on Trump’s appearance on the O’Reilly Factor, where he fumed about his “zero respect” for her. Kelly said that if the situation were reversed, she would have come to O’Reilly defense.

“I do wish that O’Reilly had defended me more in his interview with Trump,” Kelly said. “I would have defended him more.”

It didn’t take long for Trump to catch wind of her comments. In True Trump fashion, he lashed out on Twitter against Kelly, and once again, he didn’t hold back.

Kelly also told the magazine that people seem to have a misperception of her, and she’s not quite as fearless as she seems.

“People think I’m fearless,” said Kelly. “But I’m human. I was not looking forward to going out on that stage and dealing with Trump if he was going to attack me.”

She was referencing the last GOP debate, where she went after Trump about his Trump University’s D-Minus rating from the Better Business Bureau.

The feud between Kelly and Trump dates back to the first GOP debate, where Kelly was seemingly unrelenting in her questioning of Trump about perceived sexism and misogyny. Ever since, the two have quarreled back-and-forth over social media and on television.

Following Trump’s sweeping victories in Tuesday’s primaries, he told Fox News that he wouldn’t be attending the planned debate in Utah next week, and would instead be speaking at a pro-Israel conference, which he says is “more important.” As a result, Fox ended up canceling the event.



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