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Melania Sets The Internet ON FIRE With What She Did With The Pope, And That’s Not All

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Early Wednesday, President Trump and his wife Melania visited the Vatican and met with the Pope, and people can’t stop talking about what Melania did while she was inside of the holy city.

For starters, liberals almost immediately complained that Melania wore a veil over her head as she toured the historic building, noting that while in Saudi Arabia she didn’t wear the traditional Islamic head covering.

“The First Lady and First Daughter have worn head coverings in the presence of Catholics, but they did not in the presence of Muslims,” Indy100 reported of the event.

However, unlike in Saudi Arabia, the Vatican requires any women who meet the Pope to wear long sleeves and a veil, according to the First Lady’s communications director.

Melania Sets The Internet ON FIRE With What She Did With The Pope, And That’s Not All

“Per Vatican protocol, women who have an audience with the Pope are required to wear long sleeves, formal black clothing, and a veil to cover the head,” Stephanie Grisham told CNN.

Saudi Arabia, however, doesn’t formally require women to cover their heads when visiting the country. In fact, Melania was praised by the Saudis for wearing a conservative black jumpsuit while in the nation because they felt she was respecting their traditions by doing so.

So there’s that.

For a contrast in how the media treats Melania and former White House agitator Michelle Obama, we reported yesterday that when Michelle visited the Siena Cathedral in Italy, she wore a raggish-looking top that looked like half of a garbage bag and exposed her shoulders, which is prohibited attire in the historic church. However, the media heaped nothing but praise upon her for her “stylish” getup, and not once did they mention that she was violating the dress code because, well, because she’s Michelle Obama and doesn’t have to do what she doesn’t want to.

To further contrast the two women, when Melania visited the Pope she had a very special request that spoke volumes about her values.

After the initial meeting and before they toured the Vatican, Melania pulled the Pope aside and showed him a Rosary she had brought with her. A Rosary is an instrument of prayer that Catholics keep, and it’s usually made up of beads that each signify a special prayer.

While Melania isn’t a practicing Catholic, she is openly religious and a Christian, so she kindly asked the Pope if he would give her Rosary a blessing, to which he obliged and he made the cross gesture over top of it while saying a brief prayer.

Check it out:

So while the media will continue to find every excuse imaginable to bash the First Lady, they truly have little ground to stand on, especially after what we had to put up with for the past eight years.



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