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Melania STUNS World With UNEXPECTED Admission About Her Faith… HOURS After Blessing From Pope

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First Lady Melania Trump visited the Pope yesterday and has a prayer Rosary blessed by him during the stop, and just hours later she stunned the world with an unexpected admission about her faith.

While it’s been widely known that the First Lady is a practicing Christian, she’s been relatively mum on the particular denomination she follows. She and the President were married at an Episcopalian church, and he’s a lifelong Presbyterian.

Melania grew up in Slovakia, which until the Communist takeover was heavily Roman Catholic, and due to the influence of those in power her family largely identified as atheists. But as it turns out, she must have had faith all along.

On Wednesday, after her Rosary was blessed by the Pope and she prayed at the Bambino Gesù (Baby Jesus), her spokeswoman revealed that Melania herself is a practicing Roman Catholic.

From the Daily Mail:

When Melania Trump recited The Lord’s Prayer before a Melbourne, Florida presidential rally in February, the Internet went hog wild.

Now we know one reason why the first lady began with ‘Let us pray’ and ‘Our Father who art in heaven’ when she introduced the president that evening: She’s a practicing Roman Catholic.

Her spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham confirmed that to on Wednesday, hours after Pope Francis blessed a rosary for her at the Vatican.

The last Catholics to live in the White House were John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie. Melania and her son Barron will move to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue over the summer.

Mrs. Trump did more than just show up for a Papal audience.

She spent time in prayer at the Vatican-affiliated Bambino Gesù (Baby Jesus) Hospital, and laid flowers at the feet of a statue of the Madonna.

So there you have it. While it’s not earth-shattering news, it’s still nice to see a First Family who’s unapologetic about their faith and willing to openly discuss it.

Plus, after eight years of Christianity being bashed by the White House resident, it’s refreshing to have a President who embraces the faith and actually means it when he says “God Bless America.”



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