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WATCH: 2 Mexicans Take Out A Lighter And A Flag, Make Liberal Heads EXPLODE

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A pair of Mexican men living in America were recently videoed taking out a flag and a lighter to show how they felt about Donald Trump and other Mexicans, and what they did next made liberal heads explode.

Last week the two men uploaded a YouTube video in which they let out their frustrations with the current state of America, but it might not be what you think. Instead of siding with other America-hating Mexican immigrants, the pair unabashedly expressed their support for the presumptive GOP nominee while decrying the “thugs” trying to disrupt things in our nation.

One of the men donned a “Make America Great Again” shirt while the other had a patriotically-themed black shirt, and they declared they were standing up to the bullying protesters they encountered in Costa Mesa recently.

“This is about America, the American people, and our flag,” one of the men said.

The men explained they still had pride in their heritage, but that when you move to another nation it’s up to you to assimilate by learning the language and supporting yourself. They said those who refuse to assimilate are being disruptive because they’re a “bunch of thugs and punks,” and they berated those who come to our country and take but give back nothing.

At the end of the video, the men had a single message for anyone who’s unhappy living in America.

“If you don’t like it, go back!”

Amen. It’s amazing that these people willingly come to our country because they know it’s better than the third-world hellholes they came from, but once they’re here they want us to change to suit them.

It’s really a simple concept – if you’re not going to be loyal to America and her people, and love this country like those of us who were born and raised here do, then show yourself to the same border you crossed to get here.

Nobody’s going to complain.



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