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KARMA: Miami Dolphins HUMILIATE Colin Kaepernick… Look Who They Signed As QB Instead

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Colin Kaepernick is probably regretting ever getting together with his extremist girlfriend since he’s now become toxic to the NFL.

Kaepernick remains an unsigned free agent ever since he was let go by the 49ers. His troubles began when he started kneeling on the field during the playing of our National Anthem, land ever since he’s become loathed by patriotic Americans wanting to escape politics during a game of football.

This season, several teams have floated signing the average quarterback, but in every case there’s been massive pushback from the fans, leaving him with few options to play. The most recent team to consider bringing him on was the Miami Dolphins, who just lost their starting quarterback to an injury.

They had the option of signing Kaepernick or pulling a 34-year-old quarterback out of retirement for a season.

They chose the latter…

From the Independent Journal:

The Miami Dolphins have signed briefly retired former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler to a one-year, $10 million deal after their starting QB, Ryan Tannehill, suffered a likely season-ending knee injury.

Cutler’s one-year contract also includes up to $3 million in incentives, reported.

The desperate signing by the Dolphins also means that Colin Kaepernick’s chances of mounting a comeback as a QB in the NFL are increasingly long. The Dolphins were reportedly looking at Kaepernick as a possible replacement for Tannehill but clearly ended up deciding against it.

Plus, many Miami fans probably wouldn’t have been thrilled with the signing given that Kaepernick also once wore a pro-Fidel Castro t-shirt.



Think he learned his lesson not to disrespect the country that’s given him everything, yet?




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