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BREAKING: Michelle Obama’s African Vacation Costs OVER $100M, You WON’T Believe WHY!

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Michelle Obama and company set out on a world tour during the last few months of her being able to milk us dry as her husband destroys the nation, and while we’re used to the First Family blowing through money faster than a virgin at a strip club, this trip is costing us more than usual.

Why, you might ask? Because old Michelle is playing Santa Claus with our hard-earned dollars. Yeah, apparently her latest pet project involves giving massive sums of money to other nations to educate their kids, particularly little girls, while the children in our nation suffer from Common Core and some of the worst rankings in the industrialized world.

Nice, isn’t it?

Reuters reported:

U.S. first lady Michelle Obama, her mother and daughters Sasha and Malia were joined by Meryl Streep in Morocco‘s Marrakesh on Tuesday on a six-day tour to try to promote girls’ education.

Lovely. We get to pay for mother dearest and her two spoiled daughters plus a celebrity to go give our money away. Just awesome.

But it gets better. Wait until you hear the reason the first Affirmative Action First Lady gave for even being able to be in Morocco to give away $100 million she didn’t earn.

“I am sitting here now as the U.S. first lady, talking to you, because of my education,” she said to the group before bestowing them with America’s wealth.

Brian Anderson from Downtrend had the best response possible to that one:

No, she was sitting there talking to the girls because we paid for her to go over there. She was sitting there as First Lady of the United States because she married a bum that, despite his lack of qualifications, was elected president. Her education literally had nothing to do with it. Also, she’s selling those girls some snake oil by making it sound like an education is a golden ticket to the presidential palace or whatever the hell they have in Morocco.

Pretty much nailed it. But it still gets better. Reuters also reported that the money Michelle so graciously gave Moroccan children was just the tip of the iceberg.

The U.S. government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) was launched during her visit and includes $100 million to be spent on 100,000 Moroccan students, half of whom will be teenage girls. The funds come from $450 million given by the MCC last year to boost education and employability in Morocco.

For the record, despite Reuters’ best efforts to make it seem as if that’s private sector money, it isn’t. The Millennium Challenge Corporation was created by the government for the sole purpose of dispensing foreign aid, and it’s 100 percent funded by we the taxpayers of America.

If you’re against foreign aid, then this should really have you ticked. As Anderson pointed out, this wasn’t for building an economy, bettering a nation’s infrastructure, or otherwise improving things in the 99 percent Muslim majority nation. Instead, it’s going to fund one of Michelle’s pet projects overseas, and there’s another $350 million to piss away on it.

The Obamas haven’t ever had a problem spending our money, but this takes the cake. After all, we’re used to paying for their lavish vacations; however, they usually aren’t handing out our money like it’s candy on Halloween.

Stay calm, folks. We only have 205 days left of this, then we can collectively breathe a sigh of relief.



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