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Michelle Obama Made Entire Airport FURIOUS With Special ‘Surprise’ – ‘Let Them Eat Cake’

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While Michelle Obama and her husband claim to be “ordinary” people in an extraordinary situation, the actual truth is much different, as travelers in Colorado learned on Friday afternoon.

As anxious flyers waited to board their flights, they were greeted with a not-so-special surprise from the First “Lady” and her children, who were also traveling through the Aspen-Pitkin County Airport on the same day. Apparently, regardless of whatever schedules mere peasants had, every flight in and out of the airport was delayed so the place could be taken over by FLOTUS and he kids, according to Western Journalism.

How nice.

Georgetown University professor and political analyst Ron Christie first broke the news that weary travelers weren’t allowed to do anything while the First Family “graced” them with their presence, essentially telling everyone else to eat cake so she can have the preferential treatment she denies getting.

Christie followed up his initial tweet with a zinger.

Hypocrisy much, Michelle? It gets worse though, if you can believe it. Apparently, airport staff were advised to lie to everyone inside about the reason for the delay, and they told them that there was mechanical issues instead of just admitting the place was shut down for Michelle.

Although, I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised by Michelle once again showing us “little guys” exactly where we stand. After all, this is the same woman that practically starves our children with their school lunches while feasting on eight-course meals with dignitaries from around the globe. Plus, she and Barack have lavish, star-studded parties at the White House on our dime, all while decrying the “evil” rich people in America and trying to convince the country that they’re just like the rest of us.

In other words, she’s no stranger to hypocrisy. It just sucks that an entire airport full of people had to be victims of it.

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