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Mickey Rourke Says EXACTLY How He Feels About Trump & His Wife: ‘I Just Wanna Say…’

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Actor and retired boxer Mickey Rourke officially weighed in on this year’s presidential election on Wednesday night and let the world know exactly how he feels about Donald Trump and his wife, Melania.

Although while many celebrities have come out in support of The Donald, Rourke isn’t a fan… like at all. The 63-year-old went on an unhinged tirade while throwing a baseball around, and he didn’t leave anything to the imagination when describing his feelings about the billionaire.

CONTENT WARNING: Rourke’s comments contain very strong language that may not be suitable for all readers

“Before I throw out this first pitch, I just wanna say that the biggest scumbag on the Earth is that maggot with an f in front of it, Donald Trump,” Rourke said. “Fuck him and fuck the horse he rode in on.”

“I think his wife is one of the biggest gold diggers around — I know, I used to go out with a gold digger,” he added. “How could you sleep next to that flabby, fat piece of shit?”

Lovely. Rourke didn’t end there, however.

“If you have to go to bed with that every night, you have to be a gold digger,” he added.

Rourke ended his rant with a personal message for Trump.

“Donald Trump, go fuck yourself,” he said. “He’s not a tough guy. He’s a bully and he’s a bitch. And he can suck my fucking dick.”

How nice.



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