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BREAKING: Moderators For All 3 Debates Announced, And there’s Something SINISTER Going On

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The Commission on Presidential Debates has officially announced the moderators for all three debates, and there appears to be something sinister going on in how they were decided.

Yesterday we reported that Matt Lauer, a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, will be moderating the first presidential forum, where candidates take the stage separately and field questions in a town hall-style event. Shortly after his name was announced, the Clinton Foundation scrubbed his name from their website to give the appearance of objectivity from Lauer.

This morning, Mediate reports that the moderators for the debates have been announced, and yet again we have another Clinton acolyte seemingly planted to torpedo Donald Trump. The first debate will feature Lester Holt from NBC News, who’s likely to at least show some impartiality between the two candidates.

But things get dicey from there.

The second debate will actually have a team of moderators, both of whom are known liberal media hacks. Martha Raddatz of ABC News will be joined by none other than Anderson Cooper from CNN, who was on the same list as Matt Lauer on the Clinton Global Initiative’s website.

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Cooper is known for allowing his bias to show through in his reporting on CNN, which is also known as the Clinton News Network due to its extreme bias against Trump and history of covering for the Clinton Crime Syndicate™.

For the third and final debate, Fox News’s Chris Wallace will be the solo moderator between the two candidates, marking the first time in history a Fox anchor will have been given the privilege of conducting the debates. But his appearance may be a little too late, as it appears as if the Commission planned the debates strategically to give Clinton an advantage.

Should things not go well for her in the first debate, Cooper and Raddatz will undoubtedly tag-team Trump in the second, doing whatever it takes to get him to slip up and give the liberal press something to harp on for the next two or three news cycles to drive Trump’s poll numbers down.

Should this scenario play out, which it most likely will, Wallace will have little choice but to continue beating whatever horse the media find to death during the third and final debate. From there, it’ll be an uphill climb for Trump as he tries to right the ship, but by that time the damage will have been done.

We watched a similar scenario play out in 2012, when Mitt Romney was sandbagged by George Stephanopoulos and the whole “War on Women™” narrative was started. From there, Romney watched as his polls numbers sank faster than the Titanic from the media circling the wagons and repeating their new meme.

With so many undecided voters looking to the debates to help them choose who to vote for, it’s imperative that Trump keeps his cool and doesn’t allow the moderators to get under his skin. Otherwise, they may just be the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, and our last hope of changing this nation for the better will be all but gone as we watch the most crooked person to ever run for president be elected after unprecedented assistance from the national media.



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