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Mohamed Noor Hired For TROUBLING Reason

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Multiculturalism is going to be the death of the West. I’ve said it, you’ve said it, and anyone with half of a brain has said it.

The left tells us that we must be accepting of all cultures in our country and that forcing assimilation is wrong, but tell that to the family of Justine Damond, who was murdered by a Somalian police officer. As it turns out, the reason that Mohamed Noor was hired by the Minneapolis Police Department wasn’t because he had stellar qualifications or was the best for the job, but because he had dark skin and hailed from a foreign nation.

For reasons unknown, Noor, who had a history of violence on the force and probably shouldn’t have had a gun, opened fire on the defenseless, innocent woman in her pajamas, as she hailed the officers for help, striking her in the abdomen and killing her on the scene. Noor has since gone silent, and his partner told investigators that he was “stunned” when the shots rang out, leaving more questions than answers surrounding the death of the 40-year-old bride-to-be.

However, despite there being few details about the actual shooting, we’re starting to learn more about the circumstances leading up to it. An important piece of information discovered by WND reveals how Noor got the job to begin with, and it was due to a highly controversial policy that puts skin color above qualifications, all to make guilty white liberals feel better about transgressions of the past that they had nothing to do with – Affirmative Action.

From WND:

WND has learned he was one of five Somalis on the entire force and that the city makes a special effort to recruit Somalis as part of its affirmative-action plan.

The city’s affirmative-action program requires it to give preferential treatment to minorities, not only those hired by the city but by all contractors awarded contracts of more than $100,000.

Minneapolis police have been “intensely committed” to finding diverse candidates, police spokesman John Elder told the Star-Tribune in August 2014.

So, a few months later when the department hired Mohamed Noor in March 2015, it was a big deal. The mayor herself, Betsy Hodges, issued a public statement commending the hire.

Noor, who entered the U.S. as a child from war-torn Somalia, joined four other Somali-Americans on the Minneapolis Police Department. Given that he was not only black but a Muslim refugee, he instantly gave credibility to the mayor’s promises of a more diverse police force. This plan, according to city documents, uses affirmative-action in an attempt to hire minorities to city positions in the exact same ratio that they are present in the city’s general population.

While nobody could have known what was to come of Noor’s hire, the writing had been on the wall for the two years he was on the force. In that short amount of time, he had three complaints lodged against him, one of which involved excessive force on an innocent woman and led to a lawsuit.

Odds are, the reason he remained on the force is the same reason he was hired to begin with, thus highlighting the problem of creating protected classes of people then adapting the rules so they escape accountability.



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