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Mohamed Noor’s Lawyer Makes SICK Move Against VICTIM

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There’s still more questions than answers surrounding the fatal shooting of an unarmed Minneapolis woman, and now it appears as if the lawyer for the officer responsible is trying to muddy the waters.

Officer Mohamed Noor fatally shot 40-year-old Justine Damond last week after he and his partner responded to a call about a sexual assault. We previously reported that Noor has a history of infractions with his short, two-year tenure at the department, and his partner said he was “stunned” when Noor started firing on an innocent woman.

Noor was an Affirmative Action hire to begin with, and he likely remained on the force after complaints for the same reason – he’s a protected class of the left, a Somalian Muslim refugee. Thus far, he hasn’t even talked to investigators and there appears to be absolutely no effort to compel him to do so, likely for the same reason he was hired.

Noor also told a friend that he felt like he was the victim through all of this, and that because he’s a Somalian Muslim people are being hard on him despite the fact he shot and killed an innocent woman in her pajamas. Still unwilling to accept responsibility for his actions, Noor’s lawyer made a sickening move against his victim – trying to smear her good name to justify the shooting.

From the Daily Mail:

The lawyer for officer Mohamed Noor, Tom Plunkett, caused controversy for reportedly asking for a review into Justine Damond’s autopsy report to see if she had taken sleeping pills.

Ms Damond’s devastated family has slammed the move and declared the 40-year-old bride-to-be would never have taken drugs, News Corp reported.  

‘It was absolutely sickening, and that’s the game these lawyers play, to try to attack the victim,’ family spokesman Tom Hyder said.

‘Justine was someone who only ate organic, she watched everything she ever put into her body.’

On Thursday, Mr Plunkett told CBS he would like a second lab to examine the results of the autopsy on Ms Damond because ‘it would be nice to know if there were some Ambien in her system’ but he later told AAP ‘It was a total misquote’.

Nice, right?

How do you think the actual victim’s family feels now that Noor’s lawyer is trying to tarnish her reputation?

Absolutely unbelievable.



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