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Mom Wakes To Blood-Curdling Screams From Son, MORTIFIED To Find What’s On His Face

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An Australian mother was sound asleep Friday night when she heard blood-curdling screams coming from her son’s room down the hall. Instinctively, she jumped out of bed to check on her little boy, and she was absolutely mortified to see what was hanging off of his face.

The mother, only identified as Tamara, heard her son Tyler’s horrid screams for help coming from his room down the hall, then she went to investigate, reported Guardian News. But nothing could have ever prepared her for what she saw upon walking into the room – her little boy was being attacked by a snake, a very big snake.

Mom Wakes To Blood-Curdling Screams From Son, MORTIFIED To Find What’s On His Face

Guardian News has more on this horrifying incident:

“It was like a nightmare,” Tamara told the Guardian.

“It was a terrifying scream and I didn’t know what had happened – I certainly didn’t think it involved a snake.

“I have no idea how it even got into the house.”

When Tamara entered the bedroom she said the snake was wrapped around her son’s belly.

“I tried to pull Tyler from the bed but he didn’t come with me … I had to roll him, then pull,” she said.

“I saw his face and the blood and his eyes were still closed so I don’t think he was fully awake.

“I tried to check him over but he wouldn’t let me touch him anywhere.”

Within five minutes Tamara’s cousins arrived at the property and “dealt with the snake” while Tamara drove to Macksville Hospital.

“Tyler doesn’t remember anything – which is the best part,” Tamara said.

“He was only complaining about his finger hurting. He tapped his head on the way to hospital and he asked me why he was bleeding.

“He wouldn’t know that a snake had bitten him if we hadn’t told him or if people hadn’t been talking about it.”

Apparently, according to The Sun-Herald, the snake was identified as a carpet python, and fortunately they’re not venomous. They generally feed on small animals such as possums, flying foxes and rats, and it’s believed the snake mistook the boy for one of them, since it would be impossible for it to eat a 6-year-old child.

“The snake wouldn’t usually go for a food item that big, but it would comfortably swallow a brush-tailed possum, or something like that, which is about the same size as a small child’s head,” said Tim Faulkner, the general manager of the Australian Reptile Park. “If the snake couldn’t see the rest of the body – see it with heat sensitivity and the rest – it might have miscalculated how big the little fellow was.”

Unfortunately for the snake, that miscalculation turned out to be a lethal one. Tamara’s cousins came to her house shortly after Tyler was attacked, and they were able to kill the 10-foot python with a wooden pole, and then took a picture with it to show just how enormous it was.

Mom Wakes To Blood-Curdling Screams From Son, MORTIFIED To Find What’s On His Face

While this doesn’t really have much to do with politics or current events, it’s definitely a terrifying tale of nature overlapping with society, and should serve as a warning to all that leaving windows and doors open can lead to a terrifying situation. After all, a 10-foot snake isn’t exactly going to follow you in while you’re carrying groceries, now is it.

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