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Muslima Tells CIA Agent ‘White People’ Don’t Get Islam, Gets DESTROYED On Live TV

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During a heated discussion on CNN about radical Islam on Wednesday, a female Muslim activist tried pulling the race card against a former CIA intelligence analyst after running out of options to “win” the debate. After dealing with mostly far-left commentators on the network, it’s definitely safe to say she didn’t expect the response she received.

TheBlaze’s Buck Sexton appeared on the network to discuss fundamental Islam with Rula Jebreal, a Palestinian foreign policy analyst, and when it was evident that Sexton wasn’t buying the excuses she was giving for Muslims resorting to a life of terror, she predictably pulled the race card and said, “white people like yourself” don’t understand the Islamic culture. Fortunately, Sexton knows first-hand what the culture is like after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he had a stinging reply that she likely never saw coming.

Jebreal questioned whether or not Sexton could speak Arabic, and said that he needs to be able to “understand” Islamic culture and the language to know what’s “appealing” to Muslims wanting to join the Islamic State (ISIS). But Sexton wasn’t about to take it lying down.

“Respectfully, I served in Iraq and Afghanistan targeting people that were doing beheadings, that were building suicide vests. I mean, so I was doing that at a very specific level,” he said.

Jebreal didn’t appear to like the fact that he worked hand-in-hand with Muslims overseas, which gives him some credibility on the subject, and she started talking over him to silence his opinions. When that didn’t work, out came the race card.

“With all due respect, white people like yourself who doesn’t understand the language, doesn’t understand the culture and doesn’t even know the religion—” she said.


“I don’t know what that has to do with trying to prevent people from blowing up buses and trying to annihilate — that was my job, that’s what I’m speaking to on this issue,” Sexton interjected, before really driving his point home.

There are a lot of people who are disenfranchised, who don’t strap on suicide vests, who don’t decide they’re going to join a foreign fight in a foreign country as part of an imperial venture and kill as many innocent civilians in their home country as possible,” he shot back.

The clip ends shortly after, but not before one of the CNN hosts tried cutting Sexton off before he could finish his thoughts.

Following the heated altercation, Sexton took to Facebook to clarify just how much experience he has on this issue:

Team – I think you will want to watch this. No. punches. pulled.My response to the panel I was a part of last night on CNN (

Posted by Buck Sexton on Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sexton is absolutely right – Muslims appear to be the only “disenfranchised” people who commit mass murder and terror because they’re allegedly disenfranchised. What kills me is that so few people realize the common denominator among terrorists isn’t their economic situation, it’s not their living conditions, it’s not their marital status or their views on climate change – it’s their religion, and it’s the only religion on the planet that commands its followers kill non-believers.

But thanks to people like the Palestinian activist above, who are aided by the liberal media, that fact is overlooked so that Americans can be given a watered down, politically correct explanation for why so many Muslims, and only Muslims, choose a life of terror. And it’s all done so that so-called “moderate” Muslims don’t become offended.

Here’s an idea, rather than becoming offended that so many people with your beliefs commit mass murder and genocide, why don’t you work on reforming your beliefs so that mass murder and genocide aren’t acceptable? A good start to that would be to become as outraged over terror attacks as they are over someone drawing Muhammad, since the taking of innocent lives in the name of Islam is far more offensive than a cartoon.



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