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home News, Politcs Nancy Pelosi TICKED Trump Didn’t Visit Foreign Nations In ALPHABETICAL ORDER [Video]

Nancy Pelosi TICKED Trump Didn’t Visit Foreign Nations In ALPHABETICAL ORDER [Video]

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California Rep. Nancy Pelosi may represent her constituents, but she also represents everything wrong with American politics as the incumbent Congresswoman continues to find her way back to Capitol Hill despite being a walking case for involuntary commitment to an asylum.

Either the moonbat liberal has completely lost her damn mind or she really does need to complain about everything President Trump does. During a Q&A on Thursday, she literally made the dumbest argument ever against the President’s decision to visit Saudi Arabia before any other nation – it wasn’t in alphabetical order.


Check it out:

The American Mirror has more [emphasis added]:

“I thought it was unusual for the President of the United States to go to Saudi Arabia first. Saudi Arabia!” Pelosi said.

It wasn’t even alphabetical. I mean, Saudi Arabia.”

The Democrat leader contrasted Trump’s visit with George W. Bush first visiting Mexico, and Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama visiting Canada first.

“Our friends and neighbors,” she said. “What was the decision-making process to go to Saudi Arabia first? That is a question that I have,” she said.

Yeah, she really said that, thus proving Democrats are seriously the most horrible people on the planet.

Please, California, primary this woman out of office already!



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