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‘Never Trump’ Republicans ‘Shocked’ At Trump’s Response After Seeking White House Jobs

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Never Trump Republicans spent a year denigrating the president-elect’s character in an attempt to deny him the White house, and now they find themselves “shocked” at his reaction as they seek jobs under the new administration.

As most are aware, Trump rewards loyalty and distances himself from his detractors, so it stands to reason that he wouldn’t be interested in hiring people who vehemently opposed his campaign. However, those in the Never Trump crowd either aren’t too bright or they’re used to spineless politicians who let people walk all over them because they can’t believe Trump won’t give them a job.

According to a Washington Post report, the veterans of past administrations are eager to go back to work, but their phones haven’t rung since November 8.

“If called upon by President-elect Donald Trump, they stand ready to serve their country again,” WaPo reported. “But their phones aren’t ringing. Their entreaties to Trump Tower in New York have mostly gone unanswered.”

Rumor has it they’ve been added to a blacklist of sorts after signing one or both of two public “Never Trump” letters that eviscerated both Trump’s policies and his personality.

More from WaPo:

One letter, with 122 names, was published by War on the Rocks, a website devoted to national security commentary, during the primary season in March. The other, with 50 names, including some repeat signatories, was published by the New York Times during the general-election campaign in August.

Now, just days before Trump is sworn in as the nation’s 45th president, the letter signers fear they have been added to another document, this one private — a purported blacklist compiled by Trump’s political advisers.

“Before he won, the conversation was, ‘We really would love for you to change your mind and join us,’ ” Peter Feaver, a National Security Council special adviser under President George W. Bush, said of informal talks with Trump aides. Feaver, who signed both letters, added that, “Since he won . . . the conversation is, ‘There likely will be a blacklist of people who signed the letters who won’t themselves be eligible for a post.’ ”

In other words, before he won, Trump was willing to make amends and they weren’t. But now that he’s come away from the election as the victor, they’re groveling at his feet to get back into the government.

However, one anonymous source of the WaPo story called Trump’s actions now “hostile,” and accused the president-elect of creating an “enemies list.”

“It’s not just that we’re frozen out. … I was told they said there was an enemies list,” they said.

Well boo-freaking-hoo. You people made your beds, now you can go lie in them.



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