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UNREAL: New DNC Chair Said THIS About ‘White Boys,’ Media Nowhere To Be Found

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The new interim chair of the DNC, Donna Brazile, doesn’t seem to be any better than Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who was just outed after hacked emails exposed massive corruption under her command.

Brazile made headlines years ago when she worked oon the campaign of Michael Dukakis, and what she did should have ended her political career. However, being that she’s a Democrat, it was just the start of what would be a rather successful journey through politics that landed her as the new head of the Democrat National Committee.

According to a report from the Daily Caller, Brazile, expressed heavily racist views as well as called on George H.W. Bush to admit to unsubstantiated accusations of an extra-marital affair. Back in 1988, when the incident happened, she was forced to resign from Dukakis’ presidential campaign after her comments were condemned, but just over a decade later she was working for Al Gore’s campaign when she made the highly racist remark about not letting “white boys” win.

The Caller has more:

But Brazile’s career was hardly finished, and she didn’t lose her penchant for bold remarks. More than a decade later, she was the campaign manager for Al Gore’s presidential campaign and told The Washington Post she was determined not to let “white boys” defeat her.

“[It’s not a] gender or race, it’s an attitude. A white-boy attitude is ‘I must exclude, denigrate and leave behind,” Brazile told the Post in 1999. “They don’t see it or think about it. It’s a culture.”

Brazile talked up her ability to be blunt and rude if necessary.

“I had to decide if I’d be a bitch or a whore. I chose bitch,” she told the Post. “I’d have to be strong, tough, abrasive. But I also knew I could be fair.”

Lovely, isn’t it? This is also the same woman who was involved in the Berniegate scandal, and in a leaked email she said she would “cuss out the Sanders camp” if she were to talk to the press about them.

Apparently, the Democrats just love corruption and racism, and they love it so much that racist and corrupt people are repeatedly put into positions of power. At this point, it’s unreal to think anyone could vote for them.

But then again, the media never seems to report this kind of thing. So there’s that.



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