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BREAKING: New Pictures Of Gunman In Washington Mall Shooting Released… ‘Hispanic’?

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New pictures have been released of the man responsible for killing five people at a Washington State mall last night, and so far the mainstream media hasn’t published them.

Last night, a man walked into the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington then opened fire on crowds of people, striking and killing five people. So far, the media has said that he’s “Latino,” but a new batch of pictures released by police hurt the credibility of that claim.

KOMO News was the first to release the set of four photos, and after seeing them people aren’t buying the whole Hispanic narrative. In fact, many Twitter users were quick to comment that he actually looks as if he’s of Arabic descent.


It sure would appear that way from the pictures, wouldn’t it? Granted, the pictures are fuzzy, so he may very well be Hispanic, but then again Hispanics aren’t the ones usually walking into crowded areas and mowing people down.

Just sayin…

As for as the attack itself, four women ranging in age from early teens to a senior citizen were killed along with a man who dies early this morning. The attack was eerily similar to the one carried out in Minnesota last week, where eight people were injured, except for this man used a rifle of some sort rather than a machete.

For some time now, the Islamic State terror group and al-Qaeda have called for their supporters to attack shopping malls and other soft targets in American and other Western nations. Whether or not last night’s attack was terror remains to be seen; however, it certainly has the feel of terror and may very well have been a test run to see police reaction in a plot for something much worse.

Let’s just pray that’s not the case. Then again, if authorities aren’t going to be honest with us over the description or motivation of the suspect, there’s really no way we’ll ever know.

What a shame.



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