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BREAKING: NFL Allowed Beyoncé’s Racist Show, And It Just Got Some BAD News

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By now everyone’s heard about the racially-charged performance from Beyoncé during the Super Bowl halftime show, which didn’t sit too well with a lot of people. Obviously it was approved by the NFL, and the league just received some bad news in response to it.

In the past few days, numerous prominent people have spoken out against the obvious double standard that exists in our culture, which is what’s driving the controversy around Beyoncé’s show. After all, she paid tribute to the infamously racist Black Panther Party, controversial supremacist Malcom X, and even threw in support for the widely divisive, racist, and anti-police “movement” #BlackLivesMatter, so it stands to reason that people weren’t happy.

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“I think it was outrageous that she used it as a platform to attack police officers, who are the people who protect her and protect us,” said former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, according to CBS New York.

Beyoncé’s black leather outfits with matching berets were an obvious nod to the Black Panthers, and at one point her dancers formed an “X” to pay tribute to Malcom X. In addition, they all threw a clenched fist in the air to symbolize “black power,” a term coined in the 60s by black supremacists.

While the outrage has mainly been focused around Beyoncé having the gall to actually perform such a show during the Super Bowl, people’s focus is starting to turn to those who even allowed it to begin with – the NFL. New York Rep. Peter King is one of the people upset over it, and he thinks that Roger Goodell and his league should have put a stop to the performance before it even happened.

“I found the entire show objectionable. It was extolling the Black Panthers who were a terrorist organization, killing police officers in the 60s and 70s,” King said. But that’s not even the bad news for the league.

Apparently, the NFL is going to have its hands full next week when hundreds of outraged Americans descend upon its New York headquarters to protest the vile show. On February 16, demonstrators will gather in the street from 8 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon to express their disgust with the divisive message they saw at the big game, an Event Brite page stated.

The event’s description reads:

“Are you offended as an American that Beyoncé pulled her race-baiting stunt at the Superbowl? Do you agree that it was a slap in the face to law enforcement? Do you agree that the Black Panthers was/is a hate group which should not be glorified? Come and let’s stand together. Let’s tell the NFL we don’t want hate speech & racism at the Superbowl ever again!”

Despite widespread criticism, Beyoncé told Entertainment Tonight that she was “proud” of her show, and that it “felt great” to do what she did during the Super Bowl. Although while her show was blatantly anti-police, alternative news sites such as this one reported that she enjoyed to protection of a law enforcement motorcade to and from Levi’s Stadium, which even went as far as shutting down the freeways to ensure her safety.

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With the silent majority often remaining relatively quiet on issues like this, I’m glad to see that people are going to stand up and take some sort of action to show how upset they are, which shows that people are truly fed up. But can you really blame them?

I can’t. I would actually like to see these protests turn into all-out boycotts, then let’s see who’s laughing.



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