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NFL Legend Mike Ditka SLAMS Obama, Names SURPRISING Pick For President

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NFL legend Mike Ditka is apparently up to snuff on his politics, and he’s been paying attention to the two races in progress to figure out who’s going to run in the general election. After taking a big shot at the current golfer-in-chief, Ditka named a surprising choice of who he supports to go all of the way to the White House.

Apparently, the former player for the Chicago Bears and head coach managed to figure out what all of us have known for years – Barack Obama’s presidency is an abysmal failure. Little did anyone know, Ditka was actually set to run against Obama in 2004 for one of Illinois’ U.S. Senate seats, and more than likely, he would have won. But he decided to drop out… bummer.

But here we are 12 years later, and Ditka says that “Obama is the worst president we’ve ever had,” and that he’s pretty much a nice guy, but shouldn’t be in the White House trying to “lead” our nation.

Breitbart has more:

“Barack Obama’s a fine man. I mean, he’s pleasant,” Ditka conceded. “He would be great to play golf with. He’s not a leader.

This country needs leadership. It needs direction. It needs somebody that steps up front. We need somebody like Ronald Reagan.

Indeed we do, and we’re all praying that we get it this time around after losing two consecutive elections to someone who’s not even qualified to be a dog catcher in rural Iowa. But I digress.

Ditka also named who he thought would bring the type of leadership he spoke of to America.

While he decried the “name-calling” in the presidential race, the Pro Football Hall of Famer offered words of support for the man often criticized for resorting to name-calling. “If I were to vote tomorrow,” Ditka explained, “I’d probably vote for [Donald] Trump.”

There you have it. Yet another fed up American coming out in support of The Donald. Ditka’s entire career has been based around picking winners and losers, and as we’ve seen throughout his career, he has a keen eye for picking winners.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t fail him this time around.



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