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BREAKING: Somali Cop Breaks Silence, Makes TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS Claim About Shooting

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After several days of silence and going into hiding, the Somali officer who killed an unarmed woman has broken his silence, and you won’t believe what he had to say.

Mohamed Noor opened fire on Justine Damond, an unarmed bride-to-be who had just called police to report a rape, shooting her in the abdomen and killing her. Speaking to a friend, Noor claims he shot across his partner and through the driver’s side window after becoming “startled” by Damond as she approached the vehicle, the Daily Mail reported.

From the Daily Mail:

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a friend of Noor told that the officer had opened fire when an unidentified figure emerged from the dark and ran towards the vehicle.

The officer said he was not sure what the person was carrying and momentarily opened fire through his driver-partner’s open window.

It was confirmed that Justine’s cell phone was found alongside her during the tragedy.

Noor told associates it was dark and the situation was already tense as the caller had been ‘panicking’ when making the 911 call reporting an assault in the alley beyond where Justine lived with her fiancé and his son.

So now we know the alleged “why” Noor would have opened fire. However, we previously reported that Noor’s partner, Officer Matther Harrity, said he was “stunned” when Noor opened fire, suggesting that Damond didn’t pose any threat to either men and raising serious questions over Noor;s decision to shoot.

But as if killing a woman for apparently no reason wasn’t already bad, wait until you hear what Noor’s friend said about how Noor feels in the aftermath.

The officer, who is now suspended form the Minneapolis P.D., feels he has been ‘thrown under the bus’ by his Minneapolis police colleagues, the friend said.

‘He is aware that they normally come together at times like this and support each other with slogans like “Blue Lives Matter”.

‘But in this situation he has realized he is probably alone with his legal team and Somali police colleagues.

‘He feels like he is being thrown under the bus and his colleagues are accusing him of not showing proper police conduct on Saturday night.

Never mind the fact that he shot and killed an unarmed woman. That apparently means nothing.


‘His feeling is ‘I am an immigrant, a Muslim and not white... but that is OK as I know the Somalian community and friends will support me.’

And there you have it; victim mentality to a T.

But just so we’re clear; Noor was responding to a call regarding a distressed woman, and when a distressed woman approached his car, his first instinct was to shoot her because he felt threatened.

Sorry, but that explanation doesn’t jive with the reporter.



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