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Not Even MINUTES After Trump Bombed ISIS, Liberals Started SCREAMING The Unthinkable

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On Thursday, President Trump ordered the military to drop our largest non-nuclear ordinance on an ISIS stronghold in Afghanistan, and before the dust even settled the left was howling the unthinkable.

It’s no secret that ISIS has committed some of the worst atrocities we’ve seen in recent times. From the recorded beheadings of Americans to slaughtering innocent women and children to setting captured soldiers on fire while they were trapped in cages, the terror group has done some of the worst things possible to their fellow human beings.

ISIS, like their fellow terrorists al Qaeda, relies on expansive networks of underground tunnels to move people, weapons and equipment to various locations so they can launch attacks against their enemies. The tunnel networks are also used for hiding and escaping those pursuing them, which in turn allows them to live to fight another day.

Everyone can agree that an important part of taking out an enemy is to cripple or destroy the infrastructure they rely on, which is exactly what the president did yesterday. You would think that his efforts would be praised, considering our objective is to defeat ISIS, but for some on the left their derangement syndrome has become so severe that even when Trump makes an important strategic move they complain about it.

More specifically, leftist blogs have been those most vehemently opposed to the president’s decision.

Twitter has a sampling of the various reactions:

Again, in the minds of those on the left, there’s nothing President Trump can do to appease them, and their criticism of his actions were utterly ridiculous. First off, America has clean water, healthcare, and food; Trump promised to “bomb the sh-t out of ISIS on the campaign trail, so it’s doubtful it was to distract from anything; and lastly, well, if you think the name of a bomb is somehow connected to traditional gender roles then you probably shouldn’t be voting because you’re too stupid to make a sound decision.

Besides, if feminism is so important to that lunatic, why isn’t he happy that Trump took out 36 people whose ideology calls for the systematic oppression of women?




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