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Smug NYT Reporters Fire Back At Trump’s Ex Over ‘Hit Piece,’ Have INFURIATING Response

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Over the weekend, the New York Times released a smear piece about presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump’s alleged treatment of women, and Trump’s ex-girlfriend, who was at the center of the story, refuted the claims in a Monday interview. Shortly after, the two liberal reporters who wrote the story appeared on CBS, and their response was infuriating.

Michael Barbaro and Mega Twohey wrote the story for the Times, and in it, they quoted Rowanne Brewer Lane about an experience she had with Trump years ago at a pool party. Brewer Lane shot back on Monday and said the pair mischaracterized what she had said, and when the reporters went on “CBS This Morning” to defend themselves, they basically accused her of lying.

“I’m gonna let her speak for herself,” Barbaro told host Gayle King. “But I think readers of the story can digest what happened to her at Mar-A-Lago in 1990.”

In other words, he’s saying that readers will get a better understanding of what happened by reading his distorted version rather than listening to Brewer Lane herself. Interesting, to say the least. Then again, the Times has been in the bag for Hillary Clinton for some time now, so it’s not all that surprising.

However, in an effort to further justify characterizing Trump as a misogynist, Twohey chimed in by saying they printed the story as it was told to them.

“To go to Rowanne’s point one of the things that we also did with this story is we kind of experimented with a new format for the New York Times,” Twohey said. “I mean we really wanted to highlight these voices and so, you know, we gave these women very large chunks of space to kind of, you know, explain their story in their own words.”

As we already know, Brewer Lane flat-out said that they twisted her words to make it sound like she had a less than desirable experience with Trump. She even went as far as to say that he did absolutely nothing to her that was offensive or otherwise demeaning, and she’s even fully supporting his bid for the presidency.

That doesn’t sound like someone who was mistreated. In other words, the writers for the Times are full of it when they try to act like Trump did some horrible thing to Brewer Lane, which calls into question their accounts from the other women as well.

Besides, if Trump really was this horrible misogynist, don’t you think we would have heard a lot more about it prior to now, considering his entire life has been in the tabloids? Yeah, once again the leftist media is on the attack and showing they’ll stop at nothing to take down Trump, which may very well be at their own peril this time around since people are waking up to their dishonest tactics.



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