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Obama Cracked Disturbing Joke About Scalia, What Happened After Is Just Sick

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As if Barack Obama’s level of disrespect for late Justice Antonin Scalia couldn’t have gotten any worse, during a meeting with U.S. governors on Monday, he cracked a disturbing joke about his death, and what happened afterward is just sick.

During the National Governors’ Association speech, Obama thought it would be funny if he made light of the death of the greatest jurist to sit on the bench in recent times, but the rest of us aren’t laughing.

“Some of you may be in the final year of your term, working as hard as you can to get as much done as possible for the folks you represent,” Obama said. “Fixing roads, educating our children, helping people retrain, appointing judges, the usual stuff.”

While we would expect such a crass remark from Obama, considering he skipped the funeral altogether and only spent all of two minutes at the memorial service, the response he received from our nation’s governors is beyond disturbing. The “joke” wasn’t even that funny, yet numerous people in the audience burst out in nearly uncontrollable laughter, as if the death of a Supreme Court Justice and the actions necessary to replace them is a laughing issue.

And these are the people running our country. No wonder we’re so screwed.

{H/T: InfoWars]



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