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BOMBSHELL: Obama’s DOJ Caught EXTORTING Companies To Fund Left-Wing Lunatics

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There’s apparently no part of the government that isn’t corrupted.

A bombshell report from the Government Accountability Institute reveals that Obama’s Justice Department has been operating as an extortionist for left-wing activist groups, who then take the money and use it to fund Democrats get out the vote programs. According to Breitbart News, the DOJ is using tactics similar to those of Al Sharpton, who uses threat of lawsuits of racial discrimination to strong arm businesses into paying him to go away, only it has the full force of the government behind it.

The GAI report finds, in part [emphasis mine]:

The old time political machine has been replaced by these nonprofits and a system of patronage now operates with the imprimatur of the DOJ. The DOJ has instituted a system that provides significant funding for nonprofit “community organizers” through a pattern of extortive lawsuits. This system, wherein appointed attorneys can legally extract money from the private sector and redistribute the funds to third-party organizations outside of the appropriations process, shows an unprecedented and extraordinary disregard for Congressional authority.

Breitbart has more:

The report notes that while community organizing groups have been using aggressive, “terrorist” tactics for decades to force banks to provide funding for their operations, the Obama administration has brought the power of the federal government to bear on their behalf. Banks are threatened with lawsuits for racial discrimination based on the controversial “disparate impact” theory, and offered incentives to settle by paying left-wing groups directly, beyond the review or oversight of Congress.

Left-wing groups have long used the Community Reinvestment Act — signed by President Jimmy Carter in 1977 and boosted by President Bill Clinton in the 1990s — to threaten bank mergers unless the banks fund their lending and activist operations.

Many of the organizations, including the non-profit Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA), control huge amounts of funding for use in mortgages that might not otherwise be granted. They also register their beneficiaries to vote.

A former NACA employee, who spoke to Breitbart News on condition of anonymity, confirmed that “They do ask that everyone is registered to vote. They don’t force you to do it, but when you come in for your intake, and you do your initial application [for a mortgage], you are handed a voter registration form.” Applicants were also asked to perform various acts of “community service” for NACA, which typically involved political activity, such as attending protests or writing to Congress.

Isn’t that just lovely? Our organizer-in-chief has officially turned the government into his personal mafia.

You can bet your bottom dollar that if Hillary gets into office, this kind of thing won’t only get continue, it’ll get so bad that we won’t even recognize this country anymore.



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