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As Obama Downplays Saved Jobs, Carrier Workers Release PIERCING Message Everyone NEEDS To See

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He’s not even in office yet and already President-elect Donald Trump is saving jobs.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Trump went out of his way to successfully persuade the Carrier manufacturing company to keep over 1,100 jobs in America. The Mexico-bound jobs will now remain in the U.S., which means that at least 1,100 people are going to have a much happier Christmas this year knowing they get to keep their jobs and provide for their families.

Most Americans are both happy and impressed with Trump’s pre-inauguration victory, save for some on the left and of course, the White House. Josh Earnest arrogantly attempted to downplay Trump’s successful bid to Carrier as if Obama has been some sort of miracle worker when it comes to American jobs.

Here’s a hint; he wasn’t.

Anyway, the Carrier employees have a message that every American doubting Trump right now needs to hear.

Check it out, via BizPac Review:

Roell, who has worked at Carrier for 17 years, said on the “Kelly File” that he was “shocked” by the news, but grateful that he wouldn’t face unemployment or be forced to take a pay cut at another job.

“A pay cut could mean I would have to sell my home,” said Roell, who’s married and has two children.

Roell’s colleague TJ Bray, who has worked for Carrier since he was 18, was extremely worried about being unemployed because he’s also married and has two children.

While Bray was originally not a Trump fan, he said he’d “gladly throw some support to him” for his incredible efforts.

And there you have it; the forgotten voices that Trump listened to – the voices that matter and that caused the Democrats to lose in an electoral landslide.

If the first few weeks after Trump’s historic win are any indication of how his presidency is going to be, we as a nation have much to look forward to in our future. Thankfully, enough people realized that a brilliant businessman was a much better choice to run the nation than a corrupt career politician with no vision or ambition to improve our country.

Good job, America!



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