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UNREAL: Obama Went To Florida Day After Deadly Rampage, But NOT For Reason You Would Think

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Barack Obama hasn’t shown any sort of real leadership since he took office in 2009.

Time and time again we’ve watched as he’s dropped the ball after deadly attacks by either sending a completely tone deaf message to America or not addressing them at all, and the deadly rampage in Fort Lauderdale on Friday was no different. In the first hours after the assault, Obama failed to contact Florida Governor Rick Scott, who talked to President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence several times throughout the day.

It wasn’t until later Friday that Obama finally contacted Scott to speak about the horrible attack. Then Friday evening, Obama held a star-studded event at the White House that had some of Hollywood’s biggest names in attendance.

Quite the event for an outgoing president, wouldn’t you say? Now, one would think that knowing how insensitive it is to party with Hollywood elites on the same night that five people were murdered in cold-blood, in what appears to be an Islamic terror attack, that Obama would at least make an appearance in Florida to comfort the victims and their families, but you’d be wrong.

He did go to Florida thee following day, but he didn’t make it to Fort Lauderdale, according to FOX30. No, instead he attended another party – a wedding for his travel director, Marvin Nicholson, where he was the groomsman – but couldn’t find the time to make it over to Fort Lauderdale to check out the situation.

Lovely, eh? Hang in there, folks, only 10 days and a little over 12 hours left of this national nightmare.



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