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Obama Gets HORRID Surprise On Golf Course Day After Skipping Scalia’s Funeral

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As most everyone knows, Barack Obama decided that he was going to skip late Justice Antonin Scalia’s funeral on Saturday, and the decision hasn’t been too well received. After skipping the ceremony for the greatest Justice of our time, Obama was met with a horrible surprise on the golf course the following day, and you’ll probably laugh about it.

On Friday, the Obamas were at Scalia’s memorial service for a paltry two minutes before exiting, which many people saw as a massive sign of disrespect, especially since the (p)Resident would be skipping the funeral the following day. Later in the day on Friday, Obama arranged for a photo-op that showed him carrying a huge binder allegedly filled with files on potential replacements for Scalia, which he said he would be studying instead of attending the funeral.

On Friday, White House press secretary Josh Earnest also told reporters that Obama would be “dedicating a significant portion of his weekend” to studying said binder for Scalia’s replacement. Meanwhile, reports of what Obama actually had planned were scarce – he was hitting the links first-thing Sunday.

Isn’t that nice? Apparently, Americans weren’t the only ones disgusted with Obama’s snub of a great man. In a twist of karma almost too sweet to imagine, the Lord Almighty made an appearance on Sunday and gave Obama a nasty surprise on the course – heavy rain.

What a pity. 

[H/T: Gateway Pundit]



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