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ALERT: Obama’s Post-White House Plans Revealed, And They’re NOT Good

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Many of us are hoping that come January 20 of next year, we won’t have to hear from Barack or Michelle Obama again, but it doesn’t look as if we’re going to be so lucky. In fact, his post-presidency plans were just revealed, and they spell trouble for us all.

Earlier this year, Obama hinted that he would like to stay in Washington, D.C., allegedly so that his daughter could remain in the same school until graduation. However, the truth is probably more along the lines of him wanting to stay involved in D.C. politics so he can continue pushing his agenda from behind the scenes.

While the actual reasoning behind his wanting to stay in our nation’s capital remains to be seen, a new report from Politico confirms our worst nightmare – he is actually staying in D.C. Not only is he staying in D.C., but the couple who tries to come off as “everyday Americans” is moving into a house that’s big enough to hold several homes that you would normally find ordinary Americans living in.

According to real estate records in the area, the Obamas are moving into the Kalorama, D.C. mansion of Joe Lockhart and Giovanna Gray after inauguration day 2016. The sprawling 8,200sf residence built in 1928 boasts nine bedrooms and eight-and-a-half bathrooms, and was last sold for a whopping $5,295,000.

ALERT: Obama’s Post-White House Plans Revealed, And They’re NOT Good

Isn’t that nice? Most of us are living paycheck to paycheck and barely making ends-meet while being told we need to “give up a piece of the pie” in order to help others; meanwhile, these two hypocrites remain unaffected by their horrible policies and plan on moving into a multi-million dollar mansion after they get done screwing up our country.

Then again, it’s not really surprising since Obama’s entire tenure has been one of “let them eat cake,” as he jet-setted around the world on the taxpayers’ dime, golfed at prestigious courses instead of actually working, hosted feasts that would make Medieval kings blush, and took lavish vacations that would make even the richest dictators proud.

Aside from his blatantly hypocritical choice in post-presidency homes, you can rest assured that Obama isn’t going to go quietly into the night after he leaves office, since his “fundamental transformation” of America isn’t complete yet, which means he’ll more than likely continue to try to influence national politics and force his terrible agenda down our throats even though there’s been a wholesale rejection of everything he’s offering. Although the good news is that he won’t have nearly the authority he has now, and if we do end up with a Trump presidency, it will basically render Obama and his radical cohorts impotent in their influence on the direction of the nation.

You know, electing this guy once was a forgivable mistake since nobody really knew what he was going to do. But electing him twice was an act of sheer stupidity after four years of his bypassing Congress, divisive politics, hypocrisy, bad policy, and dishonesty the likes of which paralleled the Clinton era.

Hopefully those responsible realize their mistake and vote accordingly the next time around, since there’s no way in hell we can afford another four to eight years of Obama, which is exactly what we’d be getting with Hillary.



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