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Obama Holds Press Conference, Makes DISTURBING Comments About Orlando Terror Attack

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Wow…just wow. Obama really just can’t help himself, can he?

He just was on the TV talking about the terror attack yesterday, and he spent more time talking about gun control than he did actually addressing terrorism. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he just had to bring up the South Carolina incident, and even mentioned a recent college shooting, both of which he used to make a case for more gun control, but oddly enough he didn’t mention the Boston Bombings, where improvised explosive devices were used to cause mass carnage. Wonder why? Could it be because it’s illegal to make improvised explosives then use them to try to kill people? Well wait a minute, if that’s illegal, then how did the Tsaranaev brothers ever manage to make improvised explosive devices then use them to kill people?

Oh right, legislation cannot stop evil. That’s what Obama doesn’t want to admit, because if he did, then he’d have to admit his quest for more gun control only punishes those of us who don’t have evil in our hearts but enjoy the shooting sports, and that would mean he didn’t get to shove his B.S. agenda down our throats. That’s not to mention, the purpose of terror is to enact political change, so your call to ban certain firearms or restrict the rights of Americans is a much bigger propaganda tool for terrorists than any crackdown or language we could ever use because it shows them that their attacks are effective. It shows them that by carrying out these horrific assaults on our freedom, they’ll be able to get us to willingly give up our freedom.

Is that what you want? You to give the terrorists propaganda material? You blast everyone else, including Trump, for fueling their propaganda machines, yet you’re doing more on your own to fuel them with your incessant cries for more gun control than anybody else in this country has because you’re showing them that when they pounce, we cower rather than stand tall as Americans and not back down.

But I digress…

What Obama also failed to mention, conveniently, is that the shooter yesterday had been on the FBI’s radar since at least 2013, and there were two inquiries into his ties with KNOWN jihadists. Plus his father is the leader of a radical group that supports the Taliban and is against Western presence in the Middle East. That’s not to mention, there were numerous complaints about him from others who saw him as a radical threat and his social media posts would have landed any of us under investigation, yet for some reason this guy was able to hold a security license and had a concealed weapons permit, and he was able to go purchase pretty much any gun he wanted.

Why was that allowed to happen, oh Fuhrer Obama? Please, do tell why someone that could be pegged as a terrorist from miles away wasn’t under much closer scrutiny. Tell us why his social media posts went unnoticed and why there wasn’t someone watching his every move knowing that he had associations with radicals and his own father preaches anti-Western hatred. Why wasn’t he under surveillance and why weren’t there warrants issued to search his home, computer, and everything else he owned? Why didn’t law enforcement do their jobs?

Could it be that you hamstringed your agencies with political correctness, causing them to not dig too deep into Mr. Mateen because of his Muslim faith? Could it be that you’ve forced federal agencies to back off from radical mosques and step back from surveilling Muslims in general? Could it be that you’re so afraid of offending some people that you’re willing to endanger the rest of us? Could it be that after seeing you invite a Muslim kid, who brought a hoax bomb to school, to the White House after people “saw something and said something,” that federal agents are afraid of being wrong on an investigation?

Yeah, I’d say that was it. In fact, from the sounds of it, this guy had all the telltale signs of becoming radicalized checked off, yet your FBI failed to act to neutralize the threat because your FBI is afraid of civil rights investigations from your radicalized Department of Justice, which is led by Chief Leftist Activist Loretta Lynch, who would gladly prosecute agents if they mistakenly misidentified someone of Muslim faith as a terrorist rather than chalk it up to due diligence and let it be.

Sorry, Obama, but it’s your actions and your actions alone that have caused this to happen. You want to blame the Second Amendment for it, yet the truth of the matter is the Second Amendment has been around for centuries, yet this was the bloodiest massacre to date. We never used to have violence on this scale, and your so-called “assault (assault is an action, not an adjective) rifles” have been around for decades. We never saw Islamic terrorism like this play out except for 9/11, and that too was a failure of intelligence.

So what changed, Obama? Why now?

What changed is now we have the weakest leader imaginable who deflects away from the real threats while politicizing every tragedy to push his agenda. What changed is that we’ve allowed evil to incubate itself within our borders while the government stood by and watched because of political correctness. What happened is we have federal agencies not doing their jobs properly because we have a president that lacks the testicular fortitude to take a hard line against extremism. What changed is we have a president who, in his own words, said he would stand with Islam before anyone else, and apparently that even means ignoring radicalized Muslims intent on killing as many people as they can so as not to create a discriminatory appearance.

Why else would someone so threatening be allowed to continue on unchecked? Why else would someone who’s OBVIOUSLY radicalized be able to fly under the radar and avoid heavy scrutiny? Why else would the entire country be sitting here mortified that someone like this was able to do what he did, even though he had been on the FBI’s radar for three years?

Actions speak louder than words, or so they say.

I don’t care what you say, Obama, but the problem isn’t the Second Amendment, it’s not the NRA or gun-loving Americans, and it’s not the “assault rifles” that you seem to have an obsession over. The problem is you, it’s the fact you’re either too stupid or too cowardly to admit that your policies have been an abject failure, and it’s the fact you’ve spent the last seven years softening our intelligence agencies to the point that they’re terrified to even investigate someone who’s obviously an extremist because they fear the repercussions from being wrong.

You built this, Obama, nobody else did. You built it, so now be a man and own it, and stop trying to take away my rights because some terrorist went off the deep-end.



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