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UNREAL: Here’s Obama’s ‘Response’ To U.S. Troops Being HIT With WMDs By ISIS… It’s SAD

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Yesterday, chilling reports emerged of ISIS using weapons of mass destruction against our troops in Iraq, and the manner in which Barack Obama “responded” to it is an embarrassment to our nation.

Apparently, the terrorist organization used mustard gas against our troops they were fighting in Iraq, which should be a really big deal and provoke a massive response from our military. One would think that if our commander-in-chief heard such a report, they would be enraged beyond belief and promise to crush whoever was responsible.

Well, you’d be wrong. Dead wrong.

Instead, after our troops were subjected to cruel and unusual tactics banned by the Geneva Convention, Obama failed to even mention the fact that ISIS used WMDs on the battle field and decided to speak of what he believes is the largest threat we face – climate change.

Check it out:


Nice to know that while those defending our freedoms are pretty much being tortured by ISIS, Obama is busy talking about the myth of climate change. Meanwhile, his hopeful heir apparent, Hillary Clinton, refuses to even acknowledge that was have troops fighting ISIS in the country where they were just gassed by a brutal enemy.

And we’re supposed to believe these people take our national security seriously?


[H/T: YoungCons]



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