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Obama Terrified After Family Of Slain Border Patrol Agent Reveals SECRET Promise From Trump

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Six years ago, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered by a weapon from the botched gun-running scheme Operation Fast and Furious, and ever since, his family has been seeking answers. Well, they apparently had a secret meeting with GOP nominee Donald Trump several months ago, and the promise he made them should have Barack Obama terrified.

As many are aware, the Justice Department, headed by Eric Holder at the time, allowed thousands of guns to disappear over the U.S./Mexico border in a failed scheme to try to flush out arms traffickers. As a result, Terry and another Border Patrol agent were murdered after some of the weapons made their way back into America.

For Six years, Terry’s family has sought answers from the government but have been stonewalled at every turn. However, with a Trump presidency, the stonewalling would finally come to an end, according to Breitbart News, who spoke with Terry’s brother, Kent Terry and his sister Michelle.

“He told us how sorry he was about Brian’s senseless death,” Kent said. “Mr. Trump said it was shameful on this administration for starting a scandal like this and shameful for what they’re doing about it.”

Despite Congressional hearings and promises from the government, the Terry family still has absolutely no idea what happened to their loved one on that fateful night. To this day, not a soul has been held responsible for the deaths of two Americans and potentially thousands of Mexican citizens from the botched operation, and the Terry family demands to know why.

When speaking with Kent and Michelle, Trump made a promise that should have everyone involved with the scheme shaking in their boots.

“Bob, Mr. Trump is very sincere about this country and the way it is heading,” Kent continued. “He also is very sincere about Brian’s death. Yes, he promised us if he becomes president, he will open the books on Fast and Furious. He has my vote!”

Should that be the case, there’s nothing that would protect Holder or even Obama from prosecution, should it be determined they acted in an illegal manner. That thought alone has the Terry family ecstatic over the possibility of a Trump presidency.

Breitbart asked Kent is he truly believed that Trump would follow through on his promise, and after meeting him in person, Terry really thinks he will.

“I think he is the man that will,” Kent firmly responded. “It seems things are finally falling into place.”

Breitbart has more on the interview:

Kent’s sister, Kelly Terry-Willis agrees with her brother about Trump’s sincerity on the issue of Brian’s murder. “All my family has ever wanted from the day Brian was murdered is truth, “Kelly told Breitbart Texas Thursday evening.” I want people to grow a conscious and come clean as to what transpired, what was covered up and what the hell were they thinking.”

She said she has heard many promises by many people. “If Mr. Trump can get those skeletons out and expose the truth then my family can finally get closure and justice for Brian,” Kelly explained. “I think there are a lot of people scared that just might happen. It may take time and we will be patient, but the truth always reveals itself. I hope Trump can make that happen.”

Brian’s big sister, Michelle Terry-Balogh told Breitbart Texas, “I honestly felt Mr. Trump means what he says, He was very aware of the details on the fast and furious program. He gave us hope of finally holding those involved in the botched gun program accountable. Not only do the victims’ families deserve the truth, but my brother Brian who was killed protecting each and every one of us deserves it as well.”

As time goes on, it’s hard not to think that the fierce opposition to a Trump presidency by those currently in office is due to the fact that they know he’ll go after the numerous scandals and instances where the Obama administration lied directly to the American people. Their arrogance led them to believe that they were above the law and wouldn’t be caught for what they did, but now there’s a candidate one election away from the White House who seems more than willing to dig through the closet and see what bones fall out.

That alone makes it worth casting a vote for Trump. But when you combine his willingness to go after the miscreants in government with his desire to truly Make America Great Again, we couldn’t have asked for a better candidate.

Now let’s just pray that come November, we see that landslide we’ve all been hoping for.



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