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Obama Makes  Trip To Vietnam, IMMEDIATELY Gets Humiliated When He Lands

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On Sunday night, Barack Obama arrived in the communist nation of Vietnam so he could push forward the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which many believe is incredibly biased in Asian nations’ favor. Although while he’s there to push for an agreement that would undoubtedly be in Vietnam’s best interest, he was immediately humiliated by the nation as soon as he stepped off the plane.

Apparently, while Obama seems to love communist nations and all they don’t have to offer to their citizens, their leaders aren’t his biggest fans. Earlier this year during his “historic” visit to Cuba, the Castros snubbed him at the airport even though they have a history of meeting world leaders on the tarmac, and poor little Barack is having the same issue all over again.

When he arrived in Hanoi on Sunday night, there’s wasn’t a massive delegation of the nation’s top officials or even the leader himself. No, instead the leader of the free world was met by several lower-level cabinet members and a flower girl, to give Obama a fresh bouquet of flowers, of course.

No, seriously. Listed on the group of “official” greeters was a girl by the name of Linh Tran, and her main objective was to present Obama with flowers just hours before Obama gifted the nation with an end to the decades-old arms embargo in place after the Vietnam war in an effort to get the nation’s leaders to treat their people better.

Flowers for military hardware? What a tradeoff.

Speaking of which, talk about a slap in the face to the veterans who fought and died to prevent the expansion of communism across the nation. In fact, according to the Washington Times, many veterans have spoken out against the move, although it’s unlikely that Obama cares too much about what they have to say considering his record with our war heroes.

“They are still a communist country,” said retired Army Maj. Wulf Linden, a Georgia resident who served two tours in Vietnam. “If it’s the cream of our crop [of weapons systems], obviously that would be a bad mistake. It would be nice if we’re not selling to a regime that’s a documented communist regime. That’s my concern.”

Army veteran Ralph Riccio, a Pennsylvania resident who served in Vietnam in 1968 and 1969, said he has mixed feelings about the potential arms sales.

“As somebody who got shot at in Vietnam, I find it a little bit ironic that we’re selling them weapons now,” Mr. Riccio said. “I find it a little bit uncomfortable to come to grips with.”

Same with the rest of us. Although as we’ve seen in the past, Obama loves him some totalitarian countries and seems to think that by providing benefits before any meaningful action is taken he can get these nations to improve their human rights records, which any good negotiator will tell you is a recipe for failure.

Regardless, it’s Obama’s complete lack of spine and willingness to bend over backwards for international bullies that is the reason no world leaders respect him. After all, why would anyone respect a weak-wristed apologist who obviously hates the very nation he’s supposed to be fighting for?

They wouldn’t, and they don’t. That much is evident in how they treat him when he travels to their nations.

[H/T: Gateway Pundit]



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