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Obama Declared WAR On Affluent Neighborhoods, FORCING Them To Be Less White & Wealthy

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Barack Obama isn’t quite done destroying the nation yet since he has about another eight months left in office to wreak as much havoc as he possibly can, and apparently he’s going all-out in the remainder of his term. He just declared war on affluent white neighborhoods, and if successful, he’s going to force them to be much less white, much less wealthy, and inundated with crime.

The enraging and blatantly racist move is being carried out by Hillary Clinton’s potential running mate Julian Castro, the unelected bureaucrat that runs the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). According to the New York Post, Castro plans on diluting affluent white neighborhoods with impoverished minorities using the Section 8 voucher program, and absolutely nothing good will come from it at all.

Obama Declared WAR On Affluent Neighborhoods, FORCING Them To Be Less White & Wealthy
Julian Castro

Castro, acting outside of Congress, plan on reallocating the funding for the vouchers so that residents of poor, crime-ridden communities have enough money to be able to rent homes in their city’s wealthier neighborhoods, all while living off the government dole. Using a “mobility counselor,” Section 8 recipients will be able to move out to the suburbs as a part of a social engineering grand scheme that forcibly desegregates inner cities while integrating suburbs, and the worst part is that the idea has already been tried and failed miserably.

A few years ago in Dallas, a similar program was tested and the results were anything but optimal. While the intended goal of integrating the suburbs was achieved, violent crime rates and home invasions also skyrocketed, and it was all attributed to the leftist’s social engineering.

In fact, Dallas now has one of the highest murder rates in the nation, and it even became so horrible that city leaders had to call in the State Troopers to help get it under control. The three suburbs that saw the most Section 8 transfers – Frisco, Plano and McKinney – have suffered from unprecedented spikes in rapes, assaults, and break-ins that include home invasions while occupants are home.

In addition to the failures in Dallas, Bill Clinton also implemented a similar program called the “Moving to Opportunity Initiative,” which moved thousands of minority families from government projects to higher rent areas in several counties across the nation. The experiment failed, and it failed miserably.

A 2011 study found that adults receiving the more generous Section 8 vouchers didn’t seek out work in their new areas of residence, but instead took full advantage of the increased “free” money and even went as far as to apply for other benefits like food stamps. Worse yet, the same study found that crime simply followed them to their new, safer neighborhoods while completely destroying the quality of life for those already living in the area.

“Males … were arrested more often than those in the control group, primarily for property crimes,” the study found.

After such failures were heavily documented, you would think that the leftists in government would see the light and stop trying to forcefully integrate wealthy neighborhoods, but you’d be wrong. In true leftist fashion, Castro doesn’t see the programs’ failures as caused by trying to force people of differing socioeconomic statuses to live among each other, but instead he believed they were caused because the program wasn’t far-reaching enough.

No really. Now he wants to double-down on them, rather than scrapping the misery-creating projects altogether.

The New York Post has more:

“We want to use our housing-choice vouchers to ensure that we don’t have a concentration of poverty and the aggregation of racial minorities in one part of town, the poor part of town,” the HUD chief said recently, adding that he’s trying to undo the “result of discriminatory policies and practices in the past, and sometimes even now.”

A draft of the new HUD rule anticipates more than 350,000 Section 8 voucher holders will initially be resettled under the SAFMR program. Under Obama, the total number of voucher households has grown to more than 2.2 million.

The document argues that larger vouchers will allow poor urban families to “move into areas that potentially have better access to jobs, transportation, services and educational opportunities.” In other words, offering them more money to move to more expensive neighborhoods will improve their situation.

Absolutely unreal. And to think, the Never Trump crowd is now actively trying to get Hillary, who will no doubt extend such policies, because they’re upset over Trump winning the presumptive nomination.

That’s short-sighted thinking at best, and an act of total insanity at worst.



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