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BOMBSHELL: Obama’s FBI Arrests Trump Campaign Co-Chair On BOGUS Charges

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There’s little question over whether or not Barack Obama has been able to politicize numerous government agencies, which was evident when the IRS targeted conservative groups leading up to the 2012 elections. It makes one wonder the motivation behind his FBI arresting the co-chair of a Trump campaign on what appear to be completely bogus charges.

Jerry DeLemus is the husband of a New Hampshire Republican lawmaker and co-chair of the state’s “Veterans for Trump” coalition, which unites veterans groups around the state behind GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. DeLemus was just arrested by the FBI, and apparently, the bureau wasn’t too nice about it either, according to the Portsmouth Patch.

“She said that the FBI just rolled up with lots of vehicles and Agents who were in tactical gear,” posted Jack Kimball, the former GOP chair, after learning of the arrest from DeLemus’ wife, Susan. ”They forced their way into Jerry DeLemus and Sue’s condo with weapons drawn and arrested Jerry and took him away.”

DeLemus is also a Tea Party activist and has been an outspoken supporter of Trump for the 2016 elections. His wife is State Rep. Susan DeLemus, but her political affiliations couldn’t save him from charges stemming all of the way back to the standoff at the Bundy Ranch, where he was part of the peacekeeping force that kept things calm between the protesters and the feds.

“A good and Patriotic Marine is now being prosecuted for standing up for Liberty,” noted Kimball.

Apparently, the FBI is trying to throw the book at DeLemus as well. He’s facing nine felony charges, including conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, threatening a federal law enforcement officer, obstruction of justice, attempting to impede or injure a federal law enforcement officer and several firearms charges in relation to the incident in Nevada.

DeLemus also took part in the standoff in Oregon, where armed demonstrators occupied a federal building to protest the government’s overreach in the Midwest. At the time, he told reporters that his intentions of going to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge were to ensure that things also remained peaceful there in hopes that nobody was hurt or killed.

DeLemus’ arrest is one of numerous that have stemmed from the two standoffs, where nobody was injured or killed except by overzealous federal agents, who killed LaVoy Finicum while he had his hands in the air after a brief pursuit. Many have speculated the charges to have been political in nature, considering that protesters in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore did far worse than the ranchers and never faced charges, and the latest arrest will likely only add to people’s suspicions.



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