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BREAKING: Obama’s ‘Refugees’ Do UNTHINKABLE To Little Girl In Idaho, Town Council Takes SICK Action

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A group of Barack Obama’s Syrian “refugees” has enraged an entire town after getting caught raping a little girl. But if the horrific crime wasn’t already bad, what the town council did after the fact is even worse.

The assailants in this case were three Muslim boys aged 8, 10, and 13, with the eldest being the ringleader of the rape gang. The three boys put a knife to the throat of a developmentally disabled little girl, then forced her into a laundry unit inside a Fawnbrook apartment building in Twin Falls, where they proceeded to gang rape her and urinate on her body.

The three savage youths recorded the assault, and apparently the eldest was the one who coached the other two on what to do. They apparently urinated on their young victim because the younger boys weren’t able to ejaculate.

The sickening assault occurred in the beginning of June, but as the Creeping Sharia blog is reporting, the media has barely touched the story, aside from a vague KMVT report, but residents in the town have been circulating the details to try to force the hand of town officials.

The little girl was found by her grandmother, who then alerted her mother, who called police. It was a full two-and-a-half hours before police finally arrived, but when they did no arrests were made, and none have been made to date due to a “language barrier.”

Apparently, the mother of the rapists was only able to say “no police” when she arrived, and the father allegedly congratulated the eldest boy for his depraved actions. A later report by KMTV revealed that the case has been sealed by a judge, “with no chance of it ever being unsealed again since all parties involved are minors.”

According to InfoWars, video of a Twin Falls council meeting shows irate residents demanding answers from city leaders:

A video of a Twin Falls council meeting shows irate residents demanding to know why council members have done nothing to address the alleged rape, as well as numerous other issues involving Syrian refugees being housed in the area, including hit and run incidents and Muslims spitting on non-Muslims.

Around 50 Syrian “refugees” are reportedly housed at the Fawnbrook site.

Council members were also grilled as to how a mosque was approved after just 24 hours, whereas a new home application would take at least 2 weeks just to process.

Unsurprisingly, council members repeatedly claimed ignorance about the severity of the situation. Worse yet, one of them even suggested that concerns from resident were rooted in anti-Muslim prejudice and white supremacism. Where have we heard that before?

The surge of Syrian refugees doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon, thanks to the Obama administration speeding up the vetting process for potential migrants from two years down to just three months. Just last week alone, the Obama administration allowed in another 441 “refugees,” of which only five were actually Christian, but all were from Syria.

In other words, our government is actively importing the kind of savagery that’s in Idaho, and nobody is doing a damn thing to stop it.



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