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Rosie O’Donnell At It Again, And She Just INFURIATED Trump’s Supporters

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Rosie O’Donnell isn’t too well loved by conservatives and it’s easy to see why – she’s a loudmouthed bully who seems to hate everything American. Her latest tirade isn’t any better either, and she infuriated presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump’s supporters.

Trump and 54-year-O’Donnell have been going at it for some time now, and it’s safe to say that they really don’t like one another. On Tuesday, she again showed her disdain for the brash billionaire by unloading an extremely vulgar insult about his appearance.

Breitbart News has more:

Rosie O’Donnell fanned the flames of her longstanding public feud with Donald Trump on Tuesday, saying that American voters’ “innate humanity” will ultimately ensure that Trump is never elected President of the United States.

“I believe in the innate humanity and sensible nature of Americans,” O’Donnell told Variety on Tuesday. “Do not give up, he will never be president.”

“Being a lesbian in real life —News flash, get off your Twitter sir,” the former View co-host said. “Don’t tell people. It is not about politics it is about acting. I’m not going near him, trust me. Orange man.”

“Anyway, the thing is… his mouth looks like an anus,” O’Donnell added of Trump.

Isn’t that lovely? And to think, people like her get all bent out of shape when Trump dares mention someone else’s appearance.

Either way it doesn’t matter. She may not realize it, but every time she opens her pie hole she sends more voters Trump’s way, which is great for America, but not too good for old Rosie herself.



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