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Oklahoma Gun Store Goes ‘Muslim-Free,’ So Look What Obama’s Islamists Did

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An Oklahoma gun store concerned over the safety of its clients and employees alike decided it was going to declare itself a “Muslim-free” zone, but it might not have been the best idea after seeing what Obama’s Islamists did.

Save Yourself Survival and Tactical Gear shop in Oktaha decided that it was going to put client safety above all, and implemented a “Muslim-Free” zone within its building, much like what Florida Gun Supply did last year, and it’s facing similar consequences as a result. In June, the Oklahoma gun retailer posted the sign seen below informing customers that it reserved the right to refuse service to whomever it pleased, but apparently, Obama’s Islamists in the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) vehemently disagree, so they’re suing the shop’s owner.

Oklahoma Gun Store Goes ‘Muslim-Free,’ So Look What Obama’s Islamists Did
(Image credit: KJRH)

“For an establishment to ban someone based on their religion isn’t just reprehensible – it’s against the law,” said Veronica Laizure, Civil Rights Director for CAIR-OK, reported KJRH. “We hope that these owners and others around the country will comply with civil rights law and stop refusing service to customers in this manner.”

The lawsuit stems from an incident involving Rajaee Fatihah, who went to the gun range last year and was refused service by company employees. Apparently, Fatihah filled out the necessary paperwork to use the use the range, just like every other customer, but for some reason volunteered to the owners that he was a Muslim, and that’s where things went south.

According to CAIR, after Fatihah identified himself as Muslim, the owners “armed themselves with handguns and asked if he was at the gun range to ‘commit an act of violence or as part of the jihad.'” However, according to attorney Robert Muise from the American Freedom Law Center, who’s representing the owners, the story was much different.

Oklahoma Gun Store Goes ‘Muslim-Free,’ So Look What Obama’s Islamists Did
(Image credit: Bare Naked Islam)

The owners, suspicious that Fatihah expressed his Muslim faith without being asked, immediately questioned his intentions. Fatihah apparently became quite upset over their questions, even though they were completely rational under the circumstances, and grew belligerent in the middle of the store, at which point he was asked to leave for everyone’s safety.

As Muise said in a statement, their actions weren’t only justified, they were part of an obligation to the community in which the store operates.

“A gun supply owner or fire range owner can refuse to serve someone who they may believe is a fire safety risk. They owe it to the community,” he said.

Indeed they do. Now, as far as whether or not CAIR stands a chance in their lawsuit? Just remember, they lost in Florida when suing under the same grounds, and their legal jihad was stopped dead in its tracks.

So let’s hope the judges in Oklahoma have as much sense as they do in Florida. This entire incident reeks of a setup by CAIR to target patriotic Americans, and as such, it deserves to be quashed in the courts.

[H/T: Bare Naked Islam]



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