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Orlando Terror Victim’s Father Makes BOLD Admission About Trump… Liberals TICKED

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The father of one of the terror victims in Orlando called into the Sean Hannity radio show this week and spoke about the horrific attack, and during the interview he made quite the admission that our friends on the left are really going to hate.

The heinous attack in Orlando left 49 dead and another 53 wounded, and like every other attack of this nature, it happened in a “gun-free” zone. Mark Allen Bando’s son was one of the victims of the ISIS-inspired assault, and when he spoke with Hannity on Monday, he argued that had there been a good guy with a gun inside of Pulse nightclub on Sunday, the body count would have been much lower.

“His mom talked to him on the phone that evening before he went to the club, so she knew he was going. When she woke up Sunday morning and heard there’d been a massacre there, she went over there — she hadn’t heard from him so she feared the worst — and just today they finally told us that he was one of the victims that was killed at the scene. He never even made it to the hospital,” Bando recalled.

The retired Detroit police officer went on to explain that he wishes more Americans would exercise their Second Amendment rights so they can protect themselves against those who wish to do them harm, like the shooter in Orlando. His son had just turned 32 on June 1, and Bando agrees with Trump that all it would have taken was a couple of armed people inside the club to save lives.

“There is a simpler solution, as Donald Trump has said many times, if you have somebody shooting back, the game’s over,” he said. “When the shooting started there wasn’t one person in there that wouldn’t have traded everything he owned in the world to have a loaded gun. But these people don’t realize it until they’re in a situation that’s far too late.”

Unfortunately, Bando didn’t live near his son to be able to teach him about firearms, which is something he regrets. If he had the chance to do things over, he said he would have ensured his beloved son would be able to protect himself in the face of danger.

“He lived down there and I lived up here and I never got a chance to teach him how to handle firearms,” Bando said. “I think if we’d have lived in closer proximity, he would have become proficient. He probably would’ve gotten a [concealed pistol license] and carried a gun and that could’ve made a difference last night.”

Indeed. Unfortunately in the wake of the attack, the common refrain from the left is that we need more gun control, despite the fact that there’s zero evidence that more gun control would have done a damn thing. Bando is right, if more law-abiding, responsible people arm themselves then we would see less of what happened in Orlando.

After all, there’s a reason that these maniacs choose soft targets such as “gun-free” zones, and it’s certainly not because they like the atmosphere. To believe otherwise is to defy common sense, reason, and logic.

[H/T: Sean Hannity]



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