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OSU Student Reveals What ‘Military Men’ In Her Classroom Did As SOON As Attack Started

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On Monday, a Somalian “refugee” launched an ISIS-style terror attack at the campus of the Ohio State University, injuring 11 people before a hero police officer promptly dispatched him from the planet.

The un-vetted migrant entered America in 2014 with his family as one of 9,000 other Somalians allowed into the country the same year by executive order (thanks, Obama), after first fleeing to Pakistan from his native country. The terrorist, whose name we won’t be using to avoid unnecessary publicity, used his car to run down students then exited the vehicle and began stabbing his victims, before a police officer arrived on the scene and delivered several well-placed shots to neutralize the threat.

It’s unknown how he became radicalized; however, the attack does give us a stark reminder of just how dangerous the liberal open border policies are to us and our nation. Had proper vetting been in place, the attack likely wouldn’t have ever happened.

But while most everything about the incident is both sad and enraging, the actions taken by members of the military attending the school are touching hearts across the country. Apparently the officer who dropped the terrorist scum isn’t the only hero who was on campus that day.

Check it out, via IJ Review:

As a suspect carried out a savage attack at Ohio State University on Monday, members of the U.S. military in one classroom heroically stood by the door to protect others, a student told CNN.

“We have quite a few military men in our class, who are actually all standing by the doors, keeping us safe,” OSU student Molly Clarke said. “I’m feeling pretty good about that.”

Pretty cool, right?

This is why our service members are so widely loved and adored – even when unarmed they’re willing to stare danger in the face to protect their fellow Americans.

[H/T: YoungCons]



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